10 eating hacks to make your life easier

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Want a few tips on how to make your food taste better, or easier to eat? Well…here are 10.

The first is movie theater popcorn and getting the butter into the middle of the popcorn. It can be a huge challenge for a lot of people but the simple hack is using one of the many straws that the theater provides. Pull out one and wiggle it down to the center of the bag and pour the buttery goodness down the straw.

Another cool tactic is putting ice cubes in your cereal. Before you get grossed out by it, remember that milk is also water-based too. By putting the ice cubes in there people have said that the milk stays cool (for obvious reasons) but it also prevents your cereal from getting all soggy.

If you are a huge fan of melon of any kind, you know the pain of cutting them open. However, if you really have a hankering for watermelon, grab yourself some mini watermelon. All you have to do is cut off one end, grab yourself a spoon and dig in. This will also help in keeping all that watermelon juice in there too.

This isn’t so much food related but it can help in presenting food better. That is the use of tile coasters and hardware store marble boards. These are cheap alternatives but they make for fantastic coasters for trays of food or for glasses.

If you love cheesy foods or foods that leave residue on your fingers one good way to avoid that issue is to use chopsticks. For the person who loves Cheetos or Doritos, this can help you in pacing that snack, avoid having cheesy fingers and improve your chopstick holding technique. It’s a win, win, win situation!

Our sixth tactic is a genius one and involves food that’s particularly sloppy. If you eat food like that consider putting something on the bottom of the plate. For example, if you’re eating a hard taco, put a soft tortilla shell on your plate and you’ll get effectively the second taco from all the stuff that spills out over it.

The seventh tactic is for any kind of container that you have. We all know the pain and suffering we have when trying to squeeze out every last drop. Some people use the trick of putting the bottle upside down, but another convenient hack is when you have a little bit left of something, cut it in the center and open it up. From there you can easily scoop up whatever is left.

Some of you may have heard of the upside down tactic and it works. When you apply this hack with burgers it’ll keep everything all in place. With toast or sandwiches, our taste buds will taste whatever we spread on the sandwich or toast first, making our food more flavourful.

On the note of grain products, we have pizza. Pizza is delicious, any person who is a fan of pizza will tell you that. But on the off chance that you have any leftover pizza, we recommend trying this hack out. That is putting your pizza in a skillet or a pan rather than using the oven or microwave. By pan frying pizza not only will you melt your toppings like an oven would, but you’re also making the crust crispy which a microwave won’t be able to do.

The final tactic is for the coffee drinkers out there and that is filling your mug up with boiling water first before filling with coffee. The boiling water will serve as a way of heating up your mug and even as it leaves, the temperature is captured by the mug making the coffee or tea hotter for longer.

Are you impressed by these tactics? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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