6 Reasons You Can’t Miss Brooklinen’s Holiday Sale

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You probably remember our viral story The Best Sheets I Ever Slept In or our article The Only Sleep Hack You Need To Be More Productive. So it should be no surprise that we’re obsessed with all things Brooklinen. But its not only us, we’ve spotted Brooklinen on Business Insider, Refinery29, Bustle and even New York Subway trains. Its like everyone and everything is telling me that I need more Brooklinen in my life!
If you’re new to Brooklinen, they’re a direct to consumer home goods brand founded by a husband and wife who were tired of inflated retail prices for high quality bedding.


Here are Our 6 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss The Brooklinen Holiday Sale.

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1. Brooklinen NEVER runs sales, it feels like you’re more likely to win the lottery than to get a discount on their high quality products. Right now they’re offering the deepest discounts I have ever seen.
2. You might not have heard, but Brooklinen has now launched their all new, high quality bath products. This includes Super-Plush, Mid-Plush, and Hammam towels. Also, my personal favorite Super-Plush Robes! I’ve already picked up 2 robes as x-mas gifts for my sisters!
3. Brooklinen’s NYC Pop-Up just opened putting Brooklinen products in higher demand than ever. The last time Brooklinen had a sale like this many of their most popular Luxe Hard Core Bundle sheet sets sold out before the sale ended. Don’t wait to shop, these deals never last!
4. BROOKLITTLES! I was overwhelmed with cuteness when I saw an Instagram Post about Brooklinen’s new crib sheets called Brooklittles! These sheets are the perfect gift for that new niece or nephew in your life!
5. The reviews keep getting better. Brooklinen now has over 25,000 verified star reviews! With an average 4.7 out of 5 stars you can shop confidently for yourself or loved ones!
6. For a limited times, not only is Brooklinen offering up to 20% off, they’re including a free gift with any purchase over $150. Last year my gift was an amazing candle set which was worth over $50!

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