Police Officer Shoots Security Guard Who Had Apprehended a Gun Man

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It was reported that 26-year-old Jemel Roberson had apprehended a man who had branded a handgun and opened fire inside a bar in Illinois.

Jemel Roberson, the security guard at the bar was fatally shot in the early hours of Sunday by the first responding police officer who got to the scene after hearing reports of a shooting.

On Sunday, 4 am, the Midlothian police officer who arrived at the Illinois bar, Manny’s Blue Room, shot Jemel Roberson.

A statement released by the Chief of the Midlothian Police Department, Daniel Delaney, revealed that the first responder had learned that there was a lot of gunshot victims inside the place.

The Police Chief also stated – without revealing the identity of the police officer – that “Officers encountered a subject holding a gun and was involved in an officer-involved shooting,” Roberson was immediately transported to a hospital close to the bar, where he died later.

It is still unclear what exactly occurred inside the bar. An eyewitness stated that it all began when a drunk patron was asked to exit the bar, and he came back with a gun, opening fire inside.

Some of the witnesses who talked to local reporters said Roberson had stopped the suspect and apprehended him until police arrived.

A witness, Adam Harris, said, “The security guard had somebody on the floor and had his knee pressed in his back, with his gun pointed at his back like, ‘Don’t move.’” Harris further said, “I guess when the police got there, they probably thought he was one of the bad guys because he had his gun pointed at the guy and they shot him.”

Harris posted a video on his Facebook page that showed the shooting’s aftermath, Roberson is seen laying on the ground as someone tries to administer chest compressions.

A bystander’s voice could be heard in the video, saying, “He was just breathing.”

A second witness told reporters that the Security Guard had stood over the suspect with his gun drawn, but she never heard the police officer tell Roberson to drop his gun.

The Illinois State Police have stated that they’re investigating, but the friends and family of Jemel Roberson are demanding answers.

A GoFundMe campaign reveals that Roberson was “a gifted musician and basketball player, and his love for his family and God were integral parts of his life.” According to one Pastor LeAundre Hill, Roberson often played music at the Purposed Church. The Pastor tweeted that Roberson had recently played at the funeral his grandmother.

The Public Integrity Task Force of the Illinois State Police is currently carrying out investigations on the police-involved shooting. However, the agency has turned down requests for any comment or statement at the moment.

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