Child Refugees Experience Snow For the First Time, And We Love It

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For the first time in their life, some Eritrean child refugees experienced snow in Canada and it was a very precious sight. The family of five had recently arrived in the country…about a few weeks ago.

In truth, it is always magical to witness the first snowfall in winter, but picture what it would feel like to get to experience it again for the first time in your life. That was what a cute family of five from Eritrea got the chance to do when they recently arrived in Canada.

The Eritrean family, which was made up of a mother and four children under the age of 7, were previously residing in one of the refugee camps in Sudan before they were relocated to Toronto a few weeks ago.

Human Rights Watch released a statement recently that at least 12% of the total Eritrea population has emigrated from the country, mainly due to the government’s oppressive rule.

However, these Eritrean refugees continue to face further hostility as they seek safety in some countries nearby, such as Sudan, which used force to return about 100 people seeking asylum back to Eritrea in 2017.

The video of the kids garnered a lot of attention on twitter as many people made various comments about it. One twitter user, Acey Deecey @mcgarrygirl78, asked if their parents were with them too, to which Rebecca Davies @RebsD responded, saying, “Their mother is, and two other siblings. Mum fled the war and has been in a refugee camp in Sudan until… just last Thursday. Now they’re making their home in Toronto.”

On twitter, Davies further stated that the family would be staying with her temporarily. She said the Rosedale United Church facilitated the relocation of the family to Canada through their fundraising efforts and private sponsorship program. The program gives private groups the chance to pay for the migration of refugees into Canada. The process is often difficult and long, which makes the moment of the little kids dancing in the snow a little more special.

Many of the people who saw the video on twitter became emotional and expressed their feelings through their comments.

One user, Eduardo S Junior @edward_thefirst commented, saying, “I’m not crying you’re crying. And were so happy the family made it to the Great White North.”

Another user, Jon Astrope @jonnyonetime, who was glad to welcome the kids to the country, commented, saying, “Welcome little ones! May all your dreams come true!

For some twitter users who are also immigrants, the video reminded them of their first time experiencing the beautiful Canadian snow.

A user, Abelardo Gomez @AbelardoGD, commented, saying, “Oh man, that was exactly me when I first moved. Except I was 18! Because it really is a special moment.”

Another immigrant, Dr. Maria Augusta Arruda @guta1610, responded, sharing her first experience, “Beautiful! I Experienced snowfall for the first time at the tender age of 35, and 8 years on I did not get over it. Thank you for sharing it with us. The #WesternWorld has got a lot to learn from #Canada.”

However, if you are wondering if the kids ate the snow, yes, they absolutely did.

One twitter user, Saskanna @Saskanna, made a comment, “Heartwarming to watch.  Unlike my grandchildren, at least they aren’t eating the snow! heh.”

Rebecca Davies responded, posting a picture of the kids eating snow and captioned it, “Yeah, they are!”


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