Wedding Guests Turn A Blind Eye As A Show Of Support

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Love works in many strange ways. It encourages so many of us to do some unique and unusual things. And that was certainly the case with a recent wedding in Queensland, Australia. In this case, many of the guests at the wedding of Steph Agnew, 32, and Robbie Campbell, 49, decided to wear black blindfolds over their eyes.

Not because they wanted to deny the wedding, in fact it was because the bride is blind. It was a joint effort by the guests to use these blindfolds as a gesture of solidarity with the bride, but also to raise awareness of visual impairment too.

Despite the dramatic shift from your typical wedding, everyone enjoyed themselves and love the idea.

Agnew developed this condition four years ago due to a genetic condition that laid dormant until recent years. It’s called Cone-Rod Dystrophy, a condition where the cells in the retina are slowly deteriorating creating the visual impairment.

Agnew’s mother, Linda, also lost her eyesight to this condition as well. However, she also closed her eyes during the ceremony.

Overall, the purpose of this gesture goes beyond awareness and a show of support. Agnew wished for this happen so that others could experience the same ceremony and even the vows the same way her mother would experience them. Clearly, It worked without any issues with the guests commenting that the moment was special.


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