Need Something Cold? Try the Sugar Plum ICEE

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During the chillier months, a lot of people opt for warmer beverages . But that doesn’t mean that cold beverages around this time of year are off limits. Sure it might be weird, you do like your hot chocolate, lattes, and coffee. However, if you are getting tired of the over the top flavors or want to mix things up, I’ve got a suggestion for you:


The Sugar Plum ICEE.


The ICEE Company recently launched this drink. It’s refreshing, frozen, and carbonated, but also is bound to spread some holiday cheer. This pink and purple flavored drink can be found in over 1,500 Target stores nationwide up until January 31, 2019.


In a press release, Natalie Peterson, Sr. Director of Marketing, described this new drink as both “delicious” and “festive”. She assures that this drink is great for sipping when you are shopping and will be a favorite for both adults and children. And customers believe it.


Many were quick to go to Twitter talking about the drink. From things like how tasty it was and how excited they are to try it. One even mentioned what it tasted like after so many people asked. She said it tastes like sugar plum.


No doubt this campaign is a success, but this is the first that ICEE has done something like this. For many of us, we recall ICEE machines at the movies or convenience stores we came across. They were all over the place and it made sense. Established in 1967, they created over 150 flavors. From the classic Cola to refreshing Pink Lemonade, they’ve mentioned them all on their website.


But, what we haven’t been noticing is how much ICEE has been stepping up their game this year. In June the company partnered with Main Event Entertainment and is now able to serve their product in all 41 locations across the United States. In July, they offered a promo at Sam’s Club where customers received free samples of their ICEE floats. There was even the case with a popular theme park in California, Knott’s Berry Farm. They decided to add Mango Chamoy ICEEs to their menu over the summer.


In the end, people are warming up to the idea of cold beverages during the winter time. After all, ICEE isn’t the only one doing this. There’s McDonald’s, Burger King, and Taco Bell revealing their cold drinks. It’s moves like this where purely carbonated frozen beverage companies need to be a little more creative with their products. And ICEE certainly got it right.

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