The 2019 Guide to Starting Your Side Gig With Ease

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While a lot of people think winter is the gloomier part of the season, most people fail to see some of the benefits from winter. Specifically, that winter is actually one of the best times of the year to start the side gig of your dreams. Take a peek at our handy how-to guide and you’ll be starting your side gig in no time.


Consider it


Sure you may have kids to deal with, but even that isn’t stopping people. According to a 2018 Nielsen report, the average American adult is spending over 11 hours per day consuming some form of media. Why not turn some of those hours – or better all of them – focusing on something new that you can grow?


On top of that, consumers plan to spend an average of $1,007 this year. What this means is you have the potential to make money if you launch a retail business around this time.


All of this adds up to a good atmosphere to start a business. With colder weather keeping people inside and the days getting shorter , you have more opportunities to focus.


Other Incentives


Starting a side gig is a good idea for a number of reasons. It’ll provide you with another source of income you didn’t have before.


On top of that, you’ll be able to do something that you enjoy and love. This is significant, as many workers are unhappy with their work and this can provide something to look forward to.


Some other incentives include income security, seeing as industries, jobs, and communities continue to evolve due to technology. Having a backup plan can help you in times where you may lose your primary income source in a few months or more.


And starting a business now is easier than ever with platforms helping with funding, crowd-sourcing, marketing, and more. There’s also cloud computing technology as well as the ubiquitous Wi-Fi connectivity allowing people to work from literally anywhere they like.


Starting a Successful Side-Hustle


While those incentives are great, it’s still important that you succeed. Or I should say have the tools to succeed. For many entrepreneurs out there they recommend all sorts of things, however, what you need the most are these three things:


  1. You need to enjoy what you will be doing. A side hustle is different than your regular daily grind. You shouldn’t be doing it because you have to, but instead that you want to do it. You want to find the work that you are doing rewarding as well as making that money. 
  2. Be skilled in that area. Some will say that you should be an expert, but really it boils down to knowing more about the topic than the average person. In the end, if you are skilled at the work, you’ll be able to take the work one step farther and add value to others’ lives. This is key to business and your success. 
  3. You want to be diving into an existing market. For sure, there are the bold entrepreneurs who want to explore the unknown, but that’s not you. Not at this moment. If you want to succeed, you want to be able to enter into a competitive market so you can take a piece of that pie. It may be intimidating at first, but think about it this way: you know people are already spending money there, plus you have a lot of people whom you can compare your efforts with. This will ensure that you can compete with them nicely but also know that your efforts will be rewarded in due time.


Be Courageous


The biggest challenge to launching a side hustle is really the act of doing it. A lot of people put it off, and it’s mostly due to fear of failure. For sure, there are chances you may fail, but as you take that leap and spend time working away, the experiences that you gain from taking that leap far outweigh the costs the possibility that you might fail.


Besides, failures are merely lessons for you to get back and try harder and smarter for next time.

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