Marijuana Course Offered at University of Connecticut

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In the spring of 2019, the University of Connecticut is offering a new course on marijuana and what you’ll need to do to work in the industry. Already, the course has caused a lot of buzz and excitement. It’s to the point that half of the seats were booked before students could even register for the course. At the rate that it’s going, the number of students in this one class is going to surpass the number of students and teachers in the department combined for both semesters.


Right now, the course, Horticulture of Cannabis: From Seed to Harvest, is going to be taught in a lecture hall that has over 400 seats. It’ll also be offered to undergraduates and there are no prerequisites for this class.


This course comes at a good time, as Connecticut is one of the 33 states that has legalized medical marijuana. It’s also decriminalizing possession to some degree, though cultivating and distributing pot is still a felony. Still having a course dedicated to pot is progress.


Connecticut isn’t the only one that’s doing this though. There are other universities that are offering courses. Specifically, the universities where the state has already legalized marijuana for recreational and medical use.


The University of Denver in Colorado offered a pilot course last year on the business of marijuana.


There is also the University of California, Davis, which in announced  January 2017 that there would be opportunities for undergraduates to have the opportunity to learn about cannabis and how cannabis affects the body.


Finally, the University of Washington offers a course talking about medicinal cannabis and chronic pain. The course was geared towards professionals in the medical industry so they can learn how to use medical marijuana and treat pain.


These courses show a lot of promise for the future as more states work to legalize and universities offering more courses.

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