Fashion Trend: Christmas Tree Brows

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Fashion has always brought forth some unusual trends, and that’s the same case with hair as well. For one, hair gurus are having a lot of fun crafting Christmas tree hair. However, that craze has also caught the attention of beauty lovers as well who are crafting Christmas tree brows.


This trend took off strong, bringing in holiday cheer as well as new makeup routines everywhere. However, this meticulous and festive look has started to inspire some bizarre brow trends — from Insta-famous squiggle brows, to even arches carved to look like the Nike swoosh.


This trend has evolved into a lot of people asking why this is a thing now but people are also impressed by the craftsmanship and effort that’s put into making them.

Checking on Instagram and searching “#christmastreebrows” you’ll find hundreds of these posts with each one being better than the last. And don’t think all of these are from amateurs. Of course, some are self-taught, but some are professional makeup artists, too.


One of the biggest struggles is the length of time it takes to design them. With some saying it took them upwards of 30 minutes or more to finish them off. However, what you need to pull off this look isn’t that hard.


In terms of products, you’ll need to make your brows into the color of a Christmas tree. For that, we recommend the Kat Von D 24-Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade. This pomade is in the shade “Lemmy Green” which is fitting for a tree. Next, you’ll need to accent your brows, and you can do that with Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in the “Midnight Cowboy” shade. It serves as a great golden garland giving you the tree basics. From there, you can decorate your brows however you want.

Just as no two brows are the same, there is no two Christmas trees that are the same as well. This gives you a good opportunity to be creative. You can garnish the “tree” with sequins, rhinestones, or even drawn-on ornaments.

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