How a Lack of Sleep Affects Your Body After a Few Nights

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For those who love burning that midnight oil, or struggle to get to sleep, we’re going to add some more incentive to find solutions fast and get to bed earlier. There was a new study recently posted that discussed how a lack of sleep can affect your body. Let me tell you, it’s weird.


This particular study was published in Scientific Reports, looked into the effects of different sleep quality and what it did to standing balance. The study took twenty volunteers and put them through a process where the volunteers didn’t sleep well for two consecutive nights, as was mentioned in the press release from Warwick University. Oh, and if you think these volunteers were older people, think again. These volunteers were in their twenties and thirties.


Now, for many of us, we feel all groggy and grumpy the next day if we only had one day of poor sleep. But this study shows that after two days of poor sleep, your balance will become pretty messed up.


You might not think that’s serious but it can actually impact our daily lives. You don’t need to be training to be a gymnast or anything like that to know this can hinder you a lot. There was one study published in the Journal of Agromedicine, that looked at sleep loss on farmers. The farmers were asked to stand on pressure-monitored mats with either one or both feet as well as with their eyes opened or closed. It’s simple, but the study found that those who didn’t get a good night’s sleep prior to the test were seven times worse than those who did.


Again, that’s merely standing in place! So, if you are looking to turn a new leaf, consider getting a proper sleep schedule. And to do that is a lot easier than you might think.


Getting The Best Sleep You Can


The first thing to consider is to figure out whether you are an early or late riser. That’s pretty simple as you probably know already whether you’re a night owl or early bird. That being said, a quick way to double check this is to think about what you’d do if you took a three-week vacation and didn’t have anywhere to be at specific times.


From that knowledge, you can start to make small changes to your daily schedule which can actually impact your personal productivity and well-being. If you’re an early riser, ask your boss if you can come into work a bit earlier and leave earlier. Your manager might be understanding enough that they’ll make that shift for you.


However, if you can’t get that, then you’ll need to find some other creative ways. No matter what, you want to avoid sleeping in when Saturday and Sunday roll around. Why though? Because chances are you’ll incur a sleep deficit during the week which isn’t nice. Sleep deficits confuse your body which leads to hormone disruptions, appetite fluctuations, and mood issues, amongst other sleep issues.


So, do what you can to get the appropriate amount of sleep as you can.

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