Bob Haircuts Aren’t Going Anywhere

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If you can summarize fashion trends each year, the most understated trend for 2018 is the bob. Whether it’s blunt and super short or choppy and chin-grazing, these bobs have been making a massive appearance all year round. If you thought the style was dying down, a specific photo of Hailey Bieber’s haircut sings a different tune. Bieber certainly isn’t a stranger to short styles due to her modeling, but her new look is probably the most dramatic one thus far and has inspired a number of her fans to pull off the style too.


For about a year at this point, the newly minted Mrs. Bieber has been rocking a range of hair lengths. From the past shoulder, to below the chin – most haven’t been staggeringly different. In fact, Baldwin’s styles were revolving around shaggy layers and aimed for a more beachy and relaxed vibe. It’s for this reason why this much shorter and blunt style is staggering. Furthermore, when she did go for a different look before this one it was mainly extensions in her photo shots or sliding in some light pink into her hair.


Her fans were greeted to this new look December 12 when she uploaded a selfie to show off her new look. She had the caption “chopped” along with two hearts covering her eyes. Based on the photo, it seems her bob is the exact length of her chin. There’s also minimal layers to it, which means Baldwin’s bob is more or less a “French Girl bob” which looks great on her.


The only thing that’s different with this new style is simply the length. Her hair color hasn’t changed from the honey highlight streaks through the darker blonde shades. Overall, the look is one that can certainly spark jealousy.


But Beiber ’s move isn’t the only reason why the bob is not going anywhere. Another compelling reason for the bob is the fact there is a bob for everyone. There is literally a bob for any kind of fashion need. From a style that has a ton of volume to one that’ll make you as slick as Neo from The Matrix.


If you want further proof there is another celebrity rocking the bob right now: Ariana Grande. Last month she made the switch from her signature sweeping locks to a shoulder-length bob that was a huge game-changer.


Considering these two women are two of the most influential women in their fields right now, it means that this trend isn’t going anywhere. Short hair is still a thing, and it’s just as powerful of a move to make as it was before. Feel like making a switch? Call up your stylist and get this new look.

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