Where to Buy The New Crocs x Post Malone

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For many people, how they feel about Post Malone is odd. They’re like a sibling that you dislike, and yet love them because they’re funny. It’s this type of emotion that people feel as Post Malone has decided for a second time, to collaborate with the not-so-impressive company Crocs. Why? Because apparently Post Malone really loves Crocs.


But you still have to love this iconic company because of the fact that they are going the extra mile with this collaboration. And it’s clearly a comfortable mile when you look at these new Crocs. This collaboration birthed these new Crocs, bright yellow, Post Malone-approved and sporting the barbed wire forehead tattoo. The pairs that were launched initially are already sold out.


These new Crocs are vibrant and are perfect for the croc lover who lost their pair, or had their pairs destroyed. These $60 pair of Crocs are much like your typical Crocs. They have notches (called Jibbitz) for you to place little pins in and in a sense, they pay homage to Post Malone as well. Not to mention the design they have is appropriate too.


Unfortunately, as mentioned above, these Crocs are all sold out. Of course, if you wanted to get a pair it can be frustrating. But again, it’s kind of to be expected. Recall Post Malone’s first collaboration with Crocs? The Crocs were sold out within hours.


Of course, you can expect frequent restocks of these Crocs over the next little while, but you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled..There are no other stores selling Crocs like these so you’ll have to be checking Crocs website as well as their Instagram if you want any more details. The only other alternative is to be looking at other typical buy and sell sites like eBay or Amazon. However, that’s not the brightest move as they are grossly overpriced. To put it into perspective, their first collab Crocs are popping up on those sites for $500 or more.


But regardless of where you are buying them, know that you will be buying quality. After all, Post Malone makes a habit of wearing Crocs all the time so they certainly must be comfy.

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