Great Resolutions to Have to Turn Your Home Into The Sanctuary You Want

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With the new year coming around the corner, there are many people who want to set up new years resolutions. Some want to lose weight, while others may not care much for it at all. This year though we want to provide some resolutions that are easier to pull off but can be a lot of fun too: home decor.


If you’re the type of person who rearranges furniture and decor every so often, then this is something that can seriously benefit you. After all, you see your home or your room as a sort of sanctuary right? Why not have some resolutions to turn your place into the sanctuary that you deserve?


But before we jump into that, it’s important to think about which parts of your home don’t work for you. As the saying goes “Assess, then address.” There is no sense in overhauling a room or a section if you are already happy with it. It’s unwanted stress after all. So it pays to do a little self-inquiry.


After that, begin to make some changes. We’ve set up some resolutions below to work towards.


The first is to turn your bedroom into a tech-free zone. Sleep experts have been saying for years to remove technology from your bedroom, as it conflicts with sleep. For this reason, moving electronics out of the bedroom can do a lot of good. The same applies to your phone. If you use it as an alarm clock, buy an old-fashion one, and charge your phone in the kitchen.


Another good resolution is making a “Thankfulness” board. This is great for those who want to bring more calm into their living space. What you need to do is simple: list off three good things from your day once you get back home. If you can keep up the habit, you can find a lot of calm and happiness in your life. After all, the act of thinking of positive things can fill your life with more positivity.


One other great solution is to make a habit of keeping many books around. You don’t need to fill your room with books, but making a habit of checking out the local library and buying some more books can be calming for people. All in all, having books around the area can be a good activity for you. After all, it’s easy to reach for a book and to start reading away.


On the note of more atmosphere, one other approach you can consider is nature. One of the most effective designs for fostering wellness is bringing the outside, inside of your home or room. Plants give a feeling of zen, but there are other properties that plants can bring. Some studies have shown that earth materials can reduce anxiety levels too.


And, if you think all of those things can be tricky to pull off right now, we have one last resolution to add to the list. That is getting rid of all the knick-knacks and items you don’t need. We’re not saying to adopt a minimalistic lifestyle, but there is always a sense of relief when you have more space and less stuff. Take some time out of your day to remove stuff that doesn’t serve a purpose or genuinely gives you joy. You can also use this opportunity to either sell the stuff and make some extra cash or even donate them to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.


It’s a long list of resolutions, but if you work on this list over the year, we believe that you’ll have a better home and sanctuary that you truly deserve!

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