Have a Dry Scalp? Try These Shampoos.

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It’s around this time of year where many individuals run into seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff. Commonly known as a dry or flaky scalp, this condition doesn’t bode well for those individuals due to the weather outside this time of year.


The biggest reason this doesn’t mix well is due to the external air that winter brings. The air is drier, and not as humid when you compare it to the warmer months. This means that our skin tends to dry up when exposed, and that also applies to our scalp.


On top of that, the heating systems pump out dry air as well causing a similar effect on our scalp This dry scalp can then turn into flakiness whenever we brush our hair or, even rub or scratch our head.


Dandruff happens to all of us, but some people are prone to it all year round. Dandruff itself has many different causes, from genetic to environmental.  On top of that, if you’re not shampooing your hair enough, you also risk dandruff due to a build-up of oil and skin cells that sit on the scalp. Even our own stress can contribute to this condition too.


Of course, dandruff affects only the scalp, but you still need to be careful of seborrheic dermatitis as it can cause skin irritation and flake in other areas. It can cover ears, eyebrows, upper chest, and even the beard region.


Fortunately, there is a number of things we can do to fix it. For one, avoiding hot showers during colder seasons can help. The heat from showers can exacerbate dryness during these months. Furthermore, there are specific shampoos you can use as well.


If you’re looking for natural remedies the first one is to turn to oil. Specifically, coconut oil and olive oil are great for your scalp. Both oils have a variety of vitamins and essential fatty acids that protect your skin. All you have to do is apply this over your scalp overnight once per week or per month.


Another remedy is apple cider vinegar. The catch with this though is you’ll need to dilute it with water first, but after that, you’ve got an antibacterial and anti-fungal remedy.


Beyond those natural remedies, you’ve got actual shampoo. Fortunately, a lot of these brands are available on Amazon and Target so you’ll have plenty of options. Some popular picks are Livso Moisturizing Shampoo, Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo, Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, and DHS Zinc Shampoo. All of these shampoos are quite healthy and can satisfy your particular needs.

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