Four House Plants That’ll Stay Green and Healthy All Winter Long

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Keeping indoor plants alive can be a challenge, and winter weather only exaggerates its difficulties. Although keeping indoor plants on windowsills can help plants receive the sunlight exposure they need, the cold can still be a factor – even when they’re brought indoors.

Luckily, most plants recommended for beginner plant owners are well-equipped to make it through the winter. Here are our four recommendations for indoor plants that are especially fit to last the season.

Aloe. An aloe plant is every beginner’s best friend. No matter the time of year, this plant just needs to be watered every other week to survive. Water it so that just the top inch of soil is moist, and be sure that the window where you’ve stationed it gets ample sunlight.

Snake plants. Although snake plants aren’t household names, they may well be the hardiest houseplant we know of, and you’ve almost certainly seen many in your life. Buy one that’s small enough for your windowsill and follow the same directions as for aloe.

Philodendrons. The philodendron is especially apt for dry rooms in which gas-powered heat drastically reduces the humidity during the winter months. As with the above two plants, this one only needs watering every couple of weeks.

Cacti. What if your home is too well-heated and you have no control over how strongly the radiator is pumping out heat? This environment can damage even the above plants, but cacti will do just fine, thanks to their desert origins. Directions on watering them can vary from species to species, but remember: cacti are designed to hold on to water, so allowing them to dry out between waterings is a must.

Houseplants are an easy, affordable, and fast way to decorate your home. They can be kept in virtually any room and thrive when taken care of correctly. With this advice, the winter will never again stop your houseplants from flourishing, even in the dead of winter!

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