How To Celebrate National Pizza Day Guilt-Free

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Today, February 9, is National Pizza Day, a celebration of one of America’s favorite foods. If you’re like us, then if you decide to treat yourself to a slice today, you’re bound to have that one inescapable thought in the back of your head: Pizza isn’t too great for your health.

It doesn’t have to be awful for your health, though. The health foods trend of the past decade or two has caused many pizza restaurants to offer healthier options on their menus. These options can make celebrating National Pizza Day a much more guilt-free experience.

Here are some healthier options that national pizza chains offer, so anyone across the U.S. can access a healthier version:

Domino’s “Lighten Up” Veggie Pizza. One slice of this 12” pie is just 180 calories, and the spinach and mushroom topping is packed with nutrients. Better yet, you can opt for the thin crust option, which is only 135 calories per slice!

Papa John’s “Lighter Choice” Mediterranean Veggie Pizza. With one slice measuring just 190 calories, this 12” pie is as scrumptious as it is friendly for your waistline. Banana peppers, black olives, and fresh mushrooms ensure a rich flavor profile. For meat lovers, the Chicken and Veggie option is only 10 calories more per slice!

Sbarro’s Old World Veggie Pizza. A 12” pie is 1450 calories, meaning each slice weighs in at just over 180 calories. The Classic Hawaiian is a reasonable option too, with less than 185 calories per slice.

Uno’s Chicago Thin Cheese. Unlike the other pies on this list, this pie is divided into nine slices, meaning each slice has even fewer calories—a mere 110 — than the others listed here. If you opt for cauliflower crust instead, each slice only has 80 calories!

If you find yourself navigating a pizza menu on National Pizza Day, concerned about your caloric intake, there are plenty of delicious ways to celebrate without blowing your diet goals.  In general, avoid meat lovers slices that are packed with greasy, nitrite-packed meats and opt for fresh vegetable toppings instead. Skip the extra cheese and stuffed crusts, too, if you’re looking for an enjoyable taste without going overboard.

Thanks to these options, you won’t have to worry as much about your health while eating pizza. Order in tonight and celebrate with a rich, hearty slice that you won’t feel guilty about eating!

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