Here’s How The Frozen Food Industry Celebrates Frozen Food Month

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Observed every March, Frozen Food Month celebrates the technologies and techniques that have revolutionized the preservation and preparation of the world’s favorite foods. What started as a single day, March 6th, has become a month-long celebration of the $156 billion industry.

The National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) marks the occasion with multiple events, promotions and campaigns, including gift card giveaways, online coupons, messaging from social media influencers, and social media posts and articles from the website Easy Home Meals. The NFRA even offers suggested social media copy for anyone who wants to participate in the online conversation. They really want to share the message about frozen food!

During Frozen Food Month, Easy Home Meals, which the NFRA owns and operates, is full of recipes that center on frozen food use. Heavenly dessert ideas including Waffle Cheesecake Supreme sit neatly next to healthy, scrumptious dinner suggestions such as the Mexican Casserole. Each recipe on the website gets its core appeal from a frozen ingredient; the casserole utilizes a southwestern-inspired blend of vegetables, and the cheesecake recipe relies on frozen waffles, whipped topping, and everyone’s favorite frozen dessert: ice cream.

Many of Easy Home Meals’ Frozen Food Month recipes come through a partnership with the syndicated TV segment Mr. Food. This segment, which the NFRA says reaches 5 million viewers, showcases triple-tested recipes that are especially simple and fast to make — exactly the kind of meal for which Frozen Food Month advocates. Many of the most exciting recipes available on the Easy Home Meals website are sponsored by Mr. Food, including the Indian-Spiced Veggie Skillet, Broccoli Cheddar Casserole, and Crazy Good Ice Cream Cake. The key frozen ingredients in each recipe are, respectively, veggie burgers, broccoli, and, again, that timeless American classic: ice cream.

In addition to all the work that the NFRA does to spread the gospel of using frozen foods in the kitchen, Frozen Food Month sees some grocery stores offering their own deals on frozen food. According to Trae Bodge of the discounts website, the combination of frozen food discounts and March Madness season — college basketball fans really do love their snacks and viewing parties — can make frozen foods a seriously wallet-friendly buy this month.

And when you get in your car to drive to the grocery store, you might just hear about Frozen Food Month on the radio. The NFRA partners with the influential radio conglomerate WestwoodOne to air short announcements about Frozen Food Month, and anyone subscribed to a WestwoodOne radio station’s email list will certainly be receiving communications about the month. WestwoodOne radio stations also post promotional Facebook videos.

If Frozen Food Month sounds surprisingly omnipresent, that’s because it involves some remarkable household names. Food brands such as Eggo, Green Giant, and Dole take part, as do grocery stores across the United States. If all these voices are coming together to speak of the pleasures of frozen food, then maybe you should consider heading to your grocery store’s frozen aisle when you stop in this month — after all, you might find some killer discounts there.

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