Seven Fruits and Veggies In Season for the Summer

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The changing of seasons is good for more than just differences in the amount of daylight we get or the outdoor temperatures we experience. At different points of the year, completely different fruits and vegetables go in and out of season. Although the global food supply allows grocery stores to stock many fruits and vegetables at any time of year, anything that’s in season is more likely to taste better and last longer. Here are seven of the many fruits and vegetables in season for the summer.


The world’s tiny alternative to peaches is fully in season right now, and there are plenty of reasons to eat them in droves. Its benefits to the digestive system and the skin, not to mention its pain-fighting applications, are among its many perks. Dried apricots provide an especially fun way to eat these wonderful fruits, as they’re sweeter, tinier, and chewier in this form.


When the fall arrives, avocados will no longer be in season. These beloved green fruits, which are as known for their superfood status as for their frustratingly short shelf life, are a great summer buy. Slice them up for use in sandwiches or salads or mash them together with herbs, spices, and juices to make delicious, crowd-pleasing guacamole.

Blackberries and blueberries

Blackberries and blueberries are similar enough that they can be grouped together. Both fruits strike an almost equal balance between tartness and sourness, and both are beloved for their high concentration of antioxidants and essential vitamins. One key difference is that the outer skin of blueberries can be quite pulpy, whereas blackberries tend to have a much softer bite.


As vegetables go, okra is among those less frequently used in American cuisine, although it is a staple in Creole-influenced cooking in Louisiana. Okra has remarkably high levels of potassium and calcium for a vegetable, not to mention plenty of folic acid, vitamin B, and vitamin C. It also tastes great and is super simple to prepare. For inspiration, look to any of these recipes for this currently-in-season vegetable.

Summer squash

It’s in the name: this vegetable exists in its peak form during the summer. This vegetable, which is a cousin of zucchini, spaghetti squash, and yellow squash, can come in varieties with edible skin, whereas most squashes require peeling before cooking or eating. The pattypan variety of summer squash is notable for being far more visually appealing than its many counterparts, so decorating a kitchen with it before it’s eaten can be fun!


Just as with its cousin, zucchini is fully in season during the summer. Zucchini is among the most versatile vegetables in existence: It can be spiralized into pasta noodle alternatives for the carbohydrate-conscious, or it can be used as a vegan alternative to a standard bread base. On its own, sliced zucchini takes quite well to frying or baking.

What are your favorite summer fruits and veggies? Sound off in the comments!

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