The Nine Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors

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For those with a sweet tooth, summer means one thing: ice cream, and tons of it. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and all the usual flavors can be found dripping slowly out of cups and cones into unprepared hands as ice cream lovers race against the clock to enjoy their dessert before it melts. The excitement only increases when weirder flavors are added into the mix.

In honor of summer’s coldest treat, get to know some of the strangest desserts out there with this guide to the nine weirdest ice cream flavors. Leave a comment if you’ve got another flavor to add to the list!

Raw horse meat

You read that right: raw horse meat is an actual ice cream flavor that exists. Ambitious travelers can jet to Tokyo to experience this flavor and other similar varieties, including squid ink and cow tongue.

2. Foie gras

One aptly-named New York-based creamery has turned the controversial duck-based delicacy foie gras into a… different kind of delicacy. On more than one level, this weird ice cream flavor is absolutely not vegan.

3. Ghost pepper

At a particularly well-known weird ice cream store in the Northeast, one ice cream flavor combines three ghost pepper hot sauces, actual ghost pepper mash, and a traditional hot sauce with classic vanilla ice cream. This ghost pepper ice cream hurts so much to eat, you’re required to sign a waiver before trying it.

4. Lobster

Seafood lovers go crazy for lobster, but do ice cream lovers feel the same? Ask visitors to one creamery in the lobster haven of Bar Harbor, Maine, and they might say yes. Those who have tried the town’s lobster ice cream seem to love it.

5. Cheetos

One of the cheesiest crunches from the snack food aisle has made its way to the freezer section. Cheetos ice cream is simply vanilla and cheese ice cream topped with no shortage of Cheetos dust, so you might be able to make it yourself.

6. Prickly Pear

Something about the idea of ice cream being prickly just doesn’t sit right with most folks. One Arizona creamery, though, sees it differently: There, the prickly pear flavor is quite popular with customers. And plus, since it’s technically a fruit, it’s not that different from many classic ice cream varieties.

7. Honey Jalapeño Pickle

This ice cream flavor sounds more like a salsa or a nacho topping than a dessert, but one Colorado creamery serves this variety around the clock. You might want to pair this with a scoop of vanilla to calm the burning sensation that accompanies eating this one.

8. Collard greens

Although greens aren’t entirely uncommon smoothie ingredients, how often do you hear of them as ice cream flavors? In Georgia, it’s not unheard of to cool down on a hot summer day with collard greens ice cream. Just don’t pretend that this ice cream flavor is anywhere close to as nutritious or healthy as actual collard greens.

9. Goat cheese caramel cashew

To end this list, here’s a flavor that combines three things that most people wouldn’t have ever thought to combine. It’s said that the savory goat cheese, sweet caramel, and nutty cashew flavors actually mix quite well. If not, there are always the other flavors here to try.

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