How To Find Proper-Fitting Incontinence Products From Home

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When I was 63, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Prior to that, my only real exposure to Parkinson’s was through Michael J. Fox, so I mostly associated Parkinson’s with shaking and trembling. Unfortunately, Parkinson’s can also cause incontinence, a symptom that I experience.

Alongside my incontinence, I discovered the challenges that come with buying incontinence products. It’s an inconvenient hassle to buy incontinence products at drugstores, and it can be really embarrassing too. The employees there tend to know very little about incontinence products, and it’s nerve-wracking to walk up to someone and ask them which ones are best, let alone interact with a cashier scanning my box of mediocre Depends. Lugging the unwieldy, bulky package home is a nuisance, too. I tried looking for options on Amazon, but finding the right product among all its options is just as overwhelming as the drugstore. Nothing I’ve bought from them is proper-fitting or made of high-quality, comfortable material.

I needed an incontinence product that would arrive discreetly at my house, fit me right, and feel good to wear. But given my CVS and Amazon troubles, I didn’t know what makes a good incontinence product. If all the prominent incontinence brands like Depends weren’t perfect, what could be?

When I discovered Because Market, a monthly subscription service for incontinence products, I felt like I’d finally found my solution. Because Market uses high-quality materials that tens of thousands of older adults have vouched for, and the company oversees a staff of trained product specialists I could easily reach via email, phone, or text with any questions, concerns, and product change or membership cancelation requests. It was clear that Because Market is actually educated on what makes incontinence products work. By shopping with Because Market, I could speak with specialists who could actually help me select the right products to manage incontinence.

The starting process with Because Market made me feel welcomed and understood too. I started the process by taking a quiz to determine the product, sizing, and materials right for me. Afterward, Because Market sent me samples of products they thought might be right for me, and they allowed me to choose my favorites among them. Once I let Because Market know my favorites, my orders started coming to my door, with free shipping to boot. I was reassured by Because Market’s 16-day free trial (and how often Because Market emailed and texted me to remind me how much time I had left in this trial), but I knew from the moment I tried on Because Market’s classic underwear, premium pads, and Willow underwear that I’d gladly pay for a monthly membership.

All three of the products Because Market sent fit me perfectly. The Willow and classic underwear looked less imposing than Depends and felt comfortable, almost like they weren’t even there. I felt less embarrassed and self-conscious wearing them than using all the other incontinence products I tried. And I could easily switch to or add on other Because Market products too, which could prove helpful if my Parkinson’s were ever to lead to weight changes or worsening incontinence. At any point, I could contact Because Market and quickly be connected with a specialist who would address my concerns with care, support, and actual solutions.

Because Market has allowed me to feel supported in my incontinence both literally and figuratively. Because Market’s specialists tend to whatever needs I bring to them, so I no longer feel shame or awkwardness about my incontinence. When I go out, I feel as confident as I did long before my Parkinson’s diagnosis — that is, as if I had no concerns at all.

Now that I have the right products for me, I find it easier to discuss my incontinence openly and with less shape. Since Because Market’s specialists are there whenever I need them and their products make me feel dignified, I can recommend their products and service without hesitation, when previously I would be embarrassed just to admit that I used these supplies. It turns out many women my age know others who have also struggled for a solution – and sometimes, these women have themselves secretly struggled with incontinence. In recommending Because Market to them, I feel like I’m paying it forward.

If you too have struggled to find the right incontinence products, Because Market is offering an intro deal for new members. Click here to get a Because starter pack for just $2.99 and find yourself on your way to confidently handling incontinence.

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