Who Are Pete Davidson and Drake Dating?

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It’s been a big week for celebrity gossip. Earlier this week, Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson was reported to be dating a prominent model. Not long after rumors about Davidson’s romantic life began swirling, people began to speculate about rapper Drake also dating a model, one who’s nothing short of a household name. Catch up on the rumors about both men below.

Pete Davidson might be dating Kaia Gerber

Last month, Pete Davidson was seen twice in one week with 18-year-old model Kaia Gerber (Davidson is 25). The two have been spotted together three times in total.

On October 23, Davidson was reportedly seen leaving Gerber’s Soho apartment. The circumstances of his exit suggested he was trying to keep out of the public eye, as he wore a zip-up and earbuds to appear inconspicuous. Paparazzi, however, snapped photos of him anyway. Then, the next day, another sighting occurred while Davidson and Gerber ate at a Soho restaurant. There, another patron stealthily took a photo of them, posted the picture on Instagram, and tagged Gerber.

The final sighting to date took place on November 4 all the way across the country in Malibu, which is Gerber’s hometown (Gerber is Cindy Crawford’s daughter). There, Davidson took Gerber out for dinner at a popular local restaurant. Paparazzi caught the two in Davidson’s car near the restaurant

Not long before these rumors began, Davidson had been dating actress Margaret Qualley. Perhaps most prominently, though, he was engaged to pop star Ariana Grande for much of last year, though the two split before getting married.

Drake might be dating Kylie Jenner

Pete Davidson is certainly a well-known name in film and TV, but Drake is arguably the biggest name in hip-hop, a music genre that dominates the radio. The woman whom Drake is said to be dating is just as ubiquitous in pop culture as he is.

Rumors have begun to swirl that Drake and Kylie Jenner might now be together. Jenner recently split from longtime partner Travis Scott, the father of her child, and she’s long been friends with Drake (who dropped a guest verse on Scott’s 2018 hit “Sicko Mode”). Last week, she appeared to possibly be more than friends with him when the paparazzi noticed the two dancing at the rapper’s birthday party.

Of course, a birthday dance could be just a special birthday moment and nothing more. That instance, though, hasn’t been the only thing fueling these dating rumors. Jenner and Drake left the rapper’s Halloween party together at 5 a.m. just a few days after his birthday party, leading some to assume they spent the night together. Some sources have told celebrity publications that the two are indeed involved, though others have stated that they’re not, adding more intrigue to the matter.

Drake isn’t the first person whom Jenner has been said to be dating in the wake of her split from Scott. Merely a few weeks ago, she was spotted with a different ex, the rapper Tyga. The rumors about her and Drake, then, could be just that and nothing more.

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