I Always Feel 100% The Morning After Holiday Parties – Here’s How

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Holiday season is coming up! This means countless holiday parties, whether the big bash my company puts on or all the ones that our clients throw. And this year, I have nothing to worry about while drinking at these parties (there’s no shortage of champagne, that’s for sure) thanks to a move I made after last year’s parties.

Last December, as holiday party season tipped into full swing, I found myself simultaneously getting stoked and dreading the mornings after. Even if I had just a few glasses of champagne or white wine, I never felt quite 100% the next morning, and it was always right back to the office for a full day of work as though the night before weren’t a big party. At one of last year’s parties, I made an offhand comment to my co-worker Tom about my inevitable brain fog the next morning, and he told me he hasn’t experienced alcohol’s negative symptoms in months. Thanks to a brand called Cheers, he could drink and then wake up the next morning feeling his very best.

Tom told me that, whenever he drinks at night, he takes Cheers Restore right before bed to make sure he doesn’t experience any symptoms the next day. He said Cheers has never once failed him and that he’d be ending that night with three Cheers Restore capsules. At first, I thought Tom had to be joking. Since when can a pill combat a feeling as old as time? Sensing my skepticism, Tom offered me some Restore to try at home that night. I took them with a glass of water before bed, and I woke up the next day feeling as though I hadn’t even seen alcohol the night prior. I had to know how it worked!

I did some reading on how the entire line of Cheers products was formulated, and learned that each capsule has six key ingredients, including familiar electrolytes and vitamins crucial for getting back to 100%. Other scientific terms I encountered, such as DHM (dihydromyricetin) and GABAa, were initially foreign to me, though not for long.

I learned that the DHM binds to the same GABAa receptor in the brain that alcohol does. That’s why DHM is so effective at combating alcohol’s negative effects – it reduces the GABAa rebound associated with brain fog and boosts my body’s metabolism of both alcohol and its byproduct, acetaldehyde. Now that I knew and understood the science behind what I experienced, I ordered a Cheers Restore bottle of my own.

My Cheers order came just in time – my final holiday party of the year was just two nights away. The night that party arrived, I made sure my Restore bottle and a bottle of water were at my bedside before I even left so I wouldn’t need to think twice about it once I got home.  After a few rounds of toasts to a successful year with my co-workers, I headed home, thrilled that the Restore was waiting for me. When I woke up the next morning, I couldn’t believe I’d been to that holiday party – I felt ready to tackle my workday with no early-morning slump. It was my most productive December workday in years.

I’ve since used Cheers not just for holiday parties, but for any night that involves drinking. Cheers has yet to let me down. I trust Cheers so much that I’ve also invested in its Hydrate and Protect products to maximize my body’s resistance to alcohol’s negative effects. I haven’t worried about brain fog since, just as I won’t for this upcoming holiday party season.

If you’re looking to wake up feeling 100% the morning after even some light drinking, Cheers is running a special promotion for first-time buyers!

Head to Cheers’ website and ave 20% using code: HOLIDAY20. I’ve never regretted my choice, and I’m willing to bet you won’t either.

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