How I Wine and Dine Clients And Always Feel 100% The Next Day

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As an account executive, I’m constantly flying to big cities to meet with our top clients. Not only do I love navigating enormous urban centers throughout the U.S., but I also live for wining and dining our most entertaining clients. Without fail, dinner and drinks are the highlights of each trip, but they come with a downside: the morning after.

After sharing a bottle of wine or drinking a pint or two with clients, I never quite feel 100% the next morning. I can’t just stay in my hotel and slowly recover from that brain fog – I’m out on business, and I have to be on my A-game at the next meeting. Some of my old tricks, such as drinking water before bed, eating a big breakfast, or taking ibuprofen when I wake up, aren’t cutting it anymore, so I needed something that could actually counter alcohol’s negative effects.

My co-worker Jack, who wines and dines clients more than I do, suggested something that sounded super easy: a pill from Cheers. Jack said that, with Cheers’ Restore after-alcohol aid, he never feels less than 100% on work trips. After a night out with clients, he takes three Restore capsules right before bed, and he wakes up the next day feeling no negative effects. He did the math, too, and one Restore dose is less expensive than that extra-strong coffee he would reach for in desperation the next morning. I decided I’d read more about this solution-in-a-bottle to see whether Cheers could work for me, too.

I found out that Cheers offers three options: a rehydration powder, a daily liver supplement, and Jack’s much-hyped Cheers Restore after-alcohol aid. Cheers claimed that Restore could make me feel at least 50% better, or I’d get my money back. This confidence comes from proven science – the Restore capsules use electrolytes and vitamins to rehydrate me and restore normal nutrient levels. They also use DHM (dihydromyricetin) to increase my ability to metabolize alcohol and acetaldehyde (acetaldehyde is alcohol’s toxic byproduct).

DHM binds to the same GABAa brain receptor that alcohol does. This shared binding reduces GABAa rebound, the scientific phenomenon behind why I was feeling less than my best after drinking. To enjoy DHM’s battling of alcohol’s negative effects, all I’d have to do is take two to four (ideally three) Restore capsules right before bed. After reading even more about the science behind Cheers, I ordered my first bottles.

My Restore bottle arrived just in time for my next business trip. I packed it in my carry-on and let my excitement build up for another four days of delicious meals and drinks with top clients, now knowing I could wake up the next day feeling my best. After my first night ended with two glasses of fancy white wine, I headed back to my hotel and took three Restore pills before going to sleep.

Just as Cheers promised, I woke up the next morning without any brain fog, ready to tackle all my meetings without spending extra money on that unhelpful morning coffee. I had the same luck the next three days, so I ordered another Restore bottle for my next trip. I’ve since used Cheers on every trip, always to the same results – and, as Cheers’ Restore page recommends, I’ve even started incorporating Cheers’ Hydrate powder into the glass of water I drink with my Restore pills. For me, Cheers has been the best thing to happen to alcohol since, well, alcohol.

If you’re looking to feel your best the morning after a few drinks, Cheers is offering discounts for new customers!

Try Cheers and save 20% with code: HOLIDAY20. On so many future mornings, you’ll be happy you did.

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