What Is the Best Thanksgiving Food?

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You probably woke up today stoked to get to Thanksgiving dinner and eat all the scrumptious food your heart desires. You’ll certainly have no shortage of options, as the list of Thanksgiving staples spans more than enough items to keep a family or two well-fed. But which classic Thanksgiving food is the best? Find some of the main competition below, alongside recipes for each, and then hit the comments to cast your vote.


It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without turkey. The holiday isn’t complete without a giant roast bird at the center of the dinner table, with carving instruments ready for digging into all the best parts of the meat. If you’re in charge of getting the turkey ready, head to your nearest supermarket, grab a whole turkey, and follow these cooking instructions for the best Thanksgiving possible.

Cranberry sauce

On few other days of the year is cranberry sauce so abundant. Thanksgiving just isn’t the same without the sweet, tart, red-purple sauce for which the holiday has become known. Get the recipe here, and don’t forget to leave enough time for the sauce to cool (ideally in your refrigerator).

Mashed potatoes

Whether you’re on the traditional potato or sweet potato team, you can’t say Thanksgiving without thinking of mashed potatoes (well, after turkey). A few pounds of potatoes with a half-cup each of butter, milk, and sour cream (all ingredients for which vegan or lactose-free ingredients can be easily substituted) can all be mashed together into one of Thanksgiving’s most savory sides. Get the recipe here.


Turkey and mashed potatoes alike pair excitingly with gravy. You can use bouillon cubes and broth to get the flavor you’re seeking, but if you want to step your gravy game up a notch, use the leftover juices of your turkey roast instead. Season your gravy with onion, garlic, salt, pepper, and any other seasonings and herbs that suit your fancy. Get the recipe here.


Although turkey is likely the first food that comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving, it’s generally available in supermarkets and on restaurant menus year-round. Stuffing, on the other hand, is almost exclusively a Thanksgiving item, so this is your time to indulge in it. All you need to make it is a pound of bread and some butter, celery, broth, eggs, and herbs. Get the recipe here.

Green bean casserole

Although it can be hard to think of savory delights when you think of vegetables, this Thanksgiving classic is exactly both of these things. It’s easy to make, too, since you’ll just be combining green beans, mushrooms, milk, cream, and some herbs and baking basics in a casserole dish following some stovetop magic. Get the recipe here.

Pecan pie

No Thanksgiving is complete without dessert, and what better way to end your meal with a slice or two of a sweet, slightly crunchy pie? Use pastry dough or a pre-made pie lining to contain your filling, which will comprise pecan halves, orange zest, and a bunch of baking staples. Get the recipe here and prep your sweet tooth now.

Which of these do you think is the best Thanksgiving food? Sound off in the comments!

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