If Millennials Invented Costco, It Would Be Public Goods

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At the top of every new year, I embark on New Year’s resolutions – eating healthier, exercising more – that usually affect me and only me. For the new year, I decided to go for something that would have a global impact instead. My New Year’s resolution was to go as sustainable as I possibly could.

Think about it: With every supermarket plastic bag or food wrapper we throw out, aren’t we just making the world’s pollution problems even worse? With every paper or cardboard product we use, aren’t we killing trees while wildfires rage and forests burn? My reusable grocery bags and biodegradable toothbrushes had begun to not quite feel like enough, so last New Year’s, I decided to switch entirely to sustainable products, from my beauty routine all the way down to my food choices.

To be successful, I’d need to make this change without dramatically altering my lifestyle. After all, if it wasn’t easy to do, I wouldn’t be able to commit for the long term. How could I find sustainable beauty products, foods, household cleaners, and the like without losing time on trips to expensive organic markets or high-end supermarkets? I asked my super eco-friendly co-worker Dana how she does it, and she told me that with Public Goods, she gets sustainable, beautiful, high-quality products delivered right to her doorstep.

Public Goods members can buy products including shampoo and body wash made from, and stored in containers composed of, vegan-friendly, organic, zero-waste materials. They’re vetting each of their vendors for high ethical standards, so I know I’m buying from providers who care for the planet just like I do.

Public Goods paper products are tree-free too, unlike other subscription services like Thrive Market. The super-popular Public Goods Shampoo, for example, contains only essential oils, herbs, and natural ingredients, meaning it’s chemical-free, tree-free, and cruelty-free. And instead of buying bottle after bottle, I could buy shampoo refill bags so the empty bottles wouldn’t make their way into our oceans.

Since Public Goods sells direct-to-consumer, its products are reasonably priced since no distributors, retailers, or other middlemen are involved. Sure, I could find non-sustainable products for slightly cheaper, but I was glad to pay a bit more to minimize my plastic use and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Plus, Public Goods would take the guesswork and time out of visiting stores to find sustainable products.

When I first decided to truly commit to my resolution, I figured I’d give Public Goods a shot. They make it so easy to commit to a trial run: the first 14 days are free and I could return anything I didn’t like within 30 days. I bought the Public Goods Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash to start, plus a few cans of staples such as garbanzo beans (made in the U.S., by the way!), so I could see whether Public Goods would do well in the kitchen.

When my Public Goods package arrived, I made a delicious hummus with the beans, which tasted as good as the chickpea brands I usually use. The next morning, I tried Public Goods’ hair products in the shower, and I loved their scent and how they made my hair feel. After a few days of really enjoying Public Goods, I decided I’d place a larger order – a full grocery run, plus some other beauty essentials and household cleaners – to take advantage of Public Goods’ free shipping on orders over $45.

That order, with eye-catching and sustainable highlights including dish soap and the lentil-grain mix, sealed the deal for me. I gladly let my free trial roll into a full-on membership, and I’ve since gotten almost all my products from Public Goods. I can’t imagine how I could shop more sustainably, and I do it all through an eco-friendly company that offers me the best of everything, all in one place. I couldn’t have made my resolution a permanent lifestyle change without Public Goods!

If you’re thinking about switching to a more sustainable lifestyle in 2020, Public Goods makes it easy! You can enjoy more than just the two-week free trial, too: Public Goods is offering new customers $10 off their first orders. Click here to sign up and embrace sustainability in the most hassle-free way out there.

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