Why I Ditched Expensive Designer-Brand Perfume for Clean Fragrances

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I can’t remember the last time I left the house without perfume. Nothing makes me feel more confident than going about my day with a subtly alluring scent. Recently, though, a fragrance from a major designer gave me some troubles that entirely changed the way I think about perfume.

I came home from buying that major-designer fragrance and spritzed a bit of it so my husband Jack could appreciate the aroma. Not long after, he started having an allergic reaction. He developed a rash where the perfume touched his skin. A quick trip to urgent care confirmed what we assumed: he was allergic to my new favorite perfume!

After Jack’s allergic reaction, I assumed I would have to give up all perfume for good. I was not happy to say the least — perfume was a daily routine I’ve had since high school, and I was low-key freaking out at the idea that my perfume could actually harm him. As it turns out, it wasn’t perfume as a whole that Jack was allergic to, just a few key ingredients found in many department store brands.

The doctor told us that there are hypoallergenic perfumes I could switch to, but which one truly didn’t contain the ingredients that made Jack itchy and inflamed? That’s how I found out about Skylar. This clean perfume brand came out when founder Cat Chen discovered that her favorite perfume gave her infant daughter allergic reactions — a story nearly identical to my own. When Chen realized how few major-designer fragrances were allergy-safe, she launched Skylar to make hypoallergenic, clean, cruelty-free, vegan perfumes with fresh, beautiful, safe scents and ingredients – no harmful parabens, sulfates, phthalates, allergens, animal-derived ingredients, or synthetic dyes. I felt confident that I could trust Skylar to provide me with perfume that smells amazing and causes no allergic reactions.

Skylar Clean Fragrance

But how would it smell? It was easy enough to find out. Skylar’s sampler palette costs just $20 – and that was before an additional discount for being a first-time purchaser. If I liked the sampler, I could apply the $20 I spent on the sampler toward my first purchase of a full-size scent as a member of Skylar’s online Scent Club.

Plus, Skylar is already more affordable than those designer-brand fragrances, and I’d get free shipping on any order over $40. I added the sample palette to my cart and awaited its arrival, eager to see if the scents met the hype.

Skylar Sampler Palette

As Forbes hinted in its recommendation of the brand’s Allure duo gift set, I wound up absolutely loving the Arrow and Meadow scents. The warmth of the Arrow and the fruity, floral fragrance of the Meadow were instantly delightful. They convinced me to sign up for the Scent Club, which was a low-risk move anyway since I could skip any months when I didn’t need new perfume and cancel my membership whenever with no penalty.

Shortly after I signed up, my first full-sized Arrow and Meadow perfumes arrived. When I spritzed on the Arrow in front of Jack, he didn’t experience any allergies, and his eyes lit up — with love, not tears — when he got a whiff of the fragrance’s gentle spice scent. I used the Meadow the next morning as we left for work, and its orange undercurrents immediately got Jack’s attention – and I got plenty of compliments at the office, too.

Arrow Full Size

Ever since discovering Jack’s allergy, Skylar has become my go-to for amazing fragrances I can wear without harming the people around me. I wear Skylar to the office, on dates, and pretty much everywhere I go. I get more compliments about my beautiful scents now than I did with major-designer fragrances, and I know that what I’m using is 100% clean. Thanks to Skylar, I smell great and know that the people around me feel great in my presence, too.

If you’re in need of a clean, gorgeous perfume, use the promo code WELCOME10 to take 10% off your $20 sample palette. Click here to get started with the world’s safest, cleanest online perfume club.

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