How To Find Proper-Fitting Incontinence Products From Home

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Living with incontinence is tough. I’ve had to adapt to not just my loss of control, but the odd feeling and fit of incontinence underwear. To add insult to injury, every trip to the local drugstore for another box of Depends feels just as embarrassing as the last.

I’ll always get uncomfortable and experience a rush of blood to my face as drugstore employees and shoppers see me, a 57-year-old woman, lugging an unwieldy box to the register. Not to mention, nobody who works at the drugstore can tell me anything about how to select the right incontinence products for me. Not only does each trip to the store feel humiliating, but I’m completely unsupported as well. How could I buy bladder control products without constantly putting myself through this embarrassing experience?

The obvious solution might be to turn to Amazon to discreetly buy incontinence products. However, I still didn’t know what I was buying or why I was buying them. Amazon has countless options, sure, but it was still a guessing game when it came to figuring out which one should make its way into my cart. Were there any options available for me?

Luckily, my doctor told me about Because Market. Dr. Hirsch suggested Because Market after hearing from his other patients that it’s convenient, discreet, and full of products that feel great and fit well. Because Market membership includes access to thoroughly trained product specialists available via email, phone, or text to field questions and concerns. These specialists would quickly handle any product change or membership cancelation requests, but since Because Market has built its products on the feedback of tens of thousands of adults my age and older, it seemed unlikely that I’d want to back out. And product changes didn’t seem likely, either; Because Market’s specialists would guide me through their products and help me find the right ones for me.

I quickly understood why Dr. Hirsch’s other patients were loving Because Market. Not only would it deliver comfy, proper-fitting incontinence products right to my house, but the company would finally connect me with people who understand how incontinence products work. These specialists are qualified to give me advice and recommendations – and let me tell you, even the best-meaning drugstore employees know close to nothing about incontinence products. I decided to join Because Market, and at the end of my short welcome process – which involved a quiz that determined the exact product, sizing, and materials best for me – I received a sample pack (shipping was free!) and a 16-day trial membership.

Everything in the sample pack – the classic underwear, premium pads, and Willow underwear – fit me properly and super comfortably. They even looked good too – I didn’t feel like I was wearing a giant diaper! It felt freeing to not have to walk around with hesitation or fear that everyone knew what I was wearing under my clothes. I didn’t hesitate to let my 16-day trial period switch to a full membership.

I’ve now been a Because Market member for half a year, and I can’t remember the last time I felt self-conscious or embarrassed about my incontinence. Because has empowered me to feel confident, secure, and – for the first time in far too long – even attractive again. Their specialists remind me that I’m not alone in living with incontinence, and when I actually speak with these specialists, I know I’m in the most caring hands possible. With Because Market, I’m not just more comfortable physically with my incontinence – I’m mentally comfortable with it, too.

If you’ve also wished you could try top-quality incontinence products at home instead of dealing with in-store embarrassment, you can take advantage of Because Market’s intro deal for new members! Click here to buy the Because Market sample pack for just $2.99 and see if a membership works for you.

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