Comparing UnKibble vs. Blue Buffalo

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If you describe yourself as a dog parent, chances are you take the parent part of that title pretty seriously. That means feeding your dog the same way you’d feed your kids: With the healthiest options possible.  Most supermarket dog food use low-grade ingredients that save costs, not lives.  That’s why so many dog owners have switched to high-quality dry food options that you can’t find at supermarkets.

Even if you know you should switch to healthy dog food, the jump isn’t always easy. Not only is healthy dog food hard to find, but there are so many brands claiming to be healthy that it’s tough to decide which one is best. While researching new brands, you’ve probably seen the names Spot & Tango and Blue Buffalo. You can order Spot & Tango’s UnKibble and Blue Buffalo’s Life Protection Formula right to your doorstep, but that doesn’t mean each brand is exactly the same. Below, find out what these brands do – and don’t – have in common.

What UnKibble and Blue Buffalo have in common

  • Meets AAFCO guidelines. When you switch to UnKibble or Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula, you choose a kibble product with a key seal of approval. Both kibble products meet standards set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), a mark that says you can trust the food you’re putting in your dog’s dish.
  • Money-back guarantee. Ideally, when you put down a fresh bowl of healthy kibble for your precious pup, she’ll gobble it right up and make it clear that she loves her new food. That said, in the event you don’t get so lucky, both UnKibble and Blue Buffalo offer a money-back guarantee and full refund. Switching to high-quality kibble has never been less risky!

Where UnKibble and Blue Buffalo differ

  • UnKibble uses entirely human-grade ingredients, real meats, and whole foods. You wouldn’t eat a meal with animal byproducts, meat meal, added flavors, and coloring, and your dog shouldn’t have to, either. With UnKibble, you avoid all these ingredients in favor of entirely human-grade ingredients, real meats, and whole foods. The same can’t be said for Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula.
  • UnKibble uses fewer, better ingredients. When you feed your best friend UnKibble, you give them meals consisting of 14 whole-food, high-quality ingredients. Blue Buffalo’s kibble includes more than double that, with 30+ ingredients that include coloring and added flavors.
  • UnKibble provides a personalized scoop for perfect portioning. Say goodbye to the guessing games that come with feeding your pup! When you order UnKibble, you provide your dog’s breed, age, weight, and other important information that Spot & Tango uses to determine the appropriate portion size. Then, you’ll receive a perfectly-sized scoop with your kibble delivery so you can be sure you’re giving properly-sized meals. Blue Buffalo dog parents rely on a feeding table that estimates proper portions.
  • UnKibble is vet-formulated and Fresh Dry. To create the perfect healthy dog kibble, Spot & Tango assembled a team of dog nutrition and veterinary experts. This team also developed a unique, unparalleled cooking method that involves minimal processing. In other words, UnKibble doesn’t just taste great – it’s healthy, too.
  • UnKibble is suitable for all life stages. Whether you’re feeding a puppy or a senior, UnKibble will keep your best friend happy and healthy. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is exclusively for adult dogs.
  • UnKibble isn’t hot-extruded. Many name-brand kibble options use hot-extrusion to prepare their foods, and this process can kill vital nutrients and turn kibble into little more than air. Blue Buffalo uses this process, but UnKibble uses an unmatched low-temperature gentle-drying method.
  • UnKibble has never been recalled. UnKibble has never been recalled, but Blue Buffalo has had to recall its Life Protection Formula once – and its other product five times.
  • UnKibble offers free shipping. Whenever and wherever you order UnKibble, you won’t pay for shipping. With some retailers, you’ll have to pay to ship Blue Buffalo.

How to get started with your preferred brand

Once you’ve chosen the right brand for your pup, go to the UnKibble or Blue Buffalo website to get started. There, the brand will ask you all about your dog’s age, weight, breed, and other important health traits. Then, your brand of choice will create a meal plan customized to your best friend’s needs, and before you know it, your high-quality kibble will be at your house, ready to feed to your dog. You just might find that your dog loves her new healthy diet!

Quick Guide: UnKibble vs. Blue Buffalo

 UnKibbleBlue Buffalo Life Protection Formula
Human-grade ingredients?Yes No – contains animal byproducts
Only real meat?YesNo – includes powdered meat meal
Number of ingredients?1430+ ingredients, including added flavors and coloring
Customized for your dog?Yes – personalized scoop for perfect portionsNo – feeding table to estimate correct portion
Suitable for all life stages?YesNo – exclusively for adult dogs
Hot Extruded?No – gently dried at low temperaturesYes 
Recalls?No Yes – Blue Buffalo has issued 5 recalls since 2015, and recalled Life Protection Formula in 2016
Meets AAFCO guidelines?YesYes
Money-back guarantee?YesYes
First order discount?Yes – 20% offNo
Free shipping?YesVaries by retailer

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