Comparing UnKibble vs. Stella & Chewy

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Your dog is a treasured member of the family — and surely, you would work tirelessly to feed your family the highest-quality food possible. That’s why more dog owners are opting for dry food brands that use fresh, whole-food ingredients instead of the low-grade options found at supermarkets.

That said, just because you want to feed your dog the healthiest diet possible doesn’t mean you can easily do so. Whole-food dog kibble isn’t readily available at grocery stores and even many pet stores, and with the increasing number of brands claiming they’ve come up with the ideal food for your best friend, how can you decide which company is perfect for your pup?

If you’re thinking about letting go of low-quality kibble, you’ve probably encountered two brands: Spot & Tango and Stella & Chewy. Spot & Tango’s UnKibble and Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated Kibble both offer dry dog food delivered right to your doorstep, but each brand has its own advantages. Below, learn all about how these companies stack up – and how they don’t.

What UnKibble and Raw Coated Kibble have in common

  • Suitable for all life stages. You can feed dogs of all ages UnKibble and Raw Coated Kibble. Whether your dog isn’t even a year old or is in his final years, you can switch to healthier kibble.
  • Not hot-extruded. Instead of using hot extrusion processes that can degrade dog food, UnKibble and Raw Coated Kibble both use healthier processes. Spot & Tango gently dries its food at low temperatures, and Stella & Chewy oven-bakes its food.
  • No recalls. Neither UnKibble nor Raw Coated Kibble has been recalled, though Stella & Chewy has issued recalls for some of its other products besides Raw Coated Kibble.
  • Money-back guarantee. If you try either UnKibble or Raw Coated Kibble and your dog doesn’t gobble it up, no worries! Both brands will issue full refunds for your purchase, making the option to switch to high-quality kibble that much easier for your budget.

Where UnKibble and Raw Coated Kibble differ

  • UnKibble uses 100% human-grade ingredients, real meats, and whole foods. In theory, it’s not just dogs who could eat UnKibble – its whole-food meats and ingredients are so high-quality that humans could enjoy them, too. Raw Coated Kibble uses powdered meat and fish meals that you would never feed to a person – and if you’re considering high-quality kibble, you might feel the same about your dog, too.
  • UnKibble uses fewer, better ingredients. UnKibble is made from 14 whole-food, high-quality ingredients. Raw Coated Kibble uses over 30 ingredients, including added flavorings.
  • UnKibble uses a personalized scoop for proper portion sizes. Worried your dog will quickly gobble up all her delicious food and immediately want more? With UnKibble, you can be sure you’re feeding your pup exactly the right amount. When you order UnKibble, you’re also sent a scoop personalized based on your dog’s age, weight, breed, and other characteristics to offer just the right portion size. Raw Coated Kibble offers a feeding table for portion estimation.
  • UnKibble is vet-formulated and fresh-dried. Spot & Tango put together a team of expert veterinarians and dog nutritionists to formulate UnKibble, and this same group came up with a unique cooking method that no other brand uses. The minimal processing and veterinary expertise mean that UnKibble is food that dogs actually love.
  • UnKibble offers a first-order discount. When you start with UnKibble, you won’t pay full price. First-time customers receive a 20% discount, a benefit that Raw Coated Kibble customers don’t receive.
  • UnKibble offers free shipping. No matter where you buy your UnKibble from, you’ll never pay for shipping. In some cases, you’ll pay for shipping when you buy Raw Coated Kibble.

How to get started with your preferred brand

Once you’ve decided whether you prefer UnKibble or Raw Coated Kibble, you can get started by visiting your preferred brand’s website. There, you’ll enter information about your dog’s health, such as her age, weight, breed, and more. Then, your healthy kibble brand will craft the ideal meal plan for your best friend. In just a few days, whole-food, nutritious kibble is delivered right to your door. Chances are that your dog will have found her favorite new food, and even better, it’s good for her, too!

Quick Guide: UnKibble vs. Raw Coated Kibble

 Spot & Tango UnKibbleStella & Chewy Raw Coated Kibble
Human-grade ingredients?YesNo – contains animal byproducts
Only real meat?YesNo – includes powdered meat and fish meals
Number of ingredients?14 Over 30, including added flavorings
Customized for your dog?Yes – personalized scoop for perfect portionsNo – feeding table to estimate correct portion
Suitable for All Life Stages?YesYes
Hot Extruded?No – gently dried at low temperaturesNo – oven-baked
Recalls?NoRaw Coated Kibble has not yet been recalled, but Stella & Chewy has issued multiple recalls for their dog food
Meets AAFCO guidelines?YesYes
Money-back guarantee?YesYes
First order discount?Yes – 20% offNo
Free shipping?YesVaries by retailer

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