You’ll Never Believe How Far I’ve Walked In These Surprisingly Comfortable Shoes

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I look great in heels, but when it comes to my feet, they leave much to be desired. I used to cycle through heels every few months because most heels just aren’t built to last – it’s not just a myth that heels are notoriously uncomfortable, and it’s so easy to put wear and tear on such delicate shoes. But I wasn’t about to commit to the notion that no heel would ever feel nice on my feet and last years. Surely, there had to be a brand that could stop me from having to get new heels three or four times a year.

The quest began when I ran into my shoe-savvy friend Fiona last summer. I just had to ask her where she got her stunning brand-new shoes, and she told me they were actually year-old Shoedazzle heeled booties. A year old? Surely, she must have only worn them once or twice, but Fiona told me that she’s actually worn these a few times each month. Did Fiona hit the shoe jackpot? I immediately bookmarked Shoedazzle’s website when I got home – I knew right away that I had to look through the brand’s shoes and find a pair of my own.

I didn’t want to straight-up copy Fiona’s style, so I browsed Shoedazzle’s newest arrivals and singled out the Hanna Transparent Heeled Sandal and the Lachelle Buckled Sneaker for those non-heel days. What Fiona didn’t mention was how insanely affordable these shoes were – I had enough money to buy both pairs. Instead of my usual splurge on one pair of shoes that seemed comfy and long-lasting but never quite was, I bought these two gorgeous Shoedazzle shoes in full confidence that they would strut for as long as I wanted to wear them.

Suffice it to say that over a year later, they’re both holding up great. And that’s not just because I’m switching between the shoes every other day – I wear my Lachelles almost every day, and they still feel as comfortable as the first day I put them on. If I walk 10 minutes to the supermarket and back, my feet aren’t in pain or discomfort no matter how many groceries I stuff into my bags. If I’m working from the office instead of home, I feel no urge to discreetly kick my shoes off under my desk. My Hannas are still in top-notch condition too, and recently, everyone loved them when I wore them to my friend Andi’s baby shower.

Which brings up another point: My long-lasting shoes are also super fashionable! I get compliments on them left and right without experiencing foot pain in any direction. My friends often ask me lots of questions about my Hannas and Lachelles, and after telling them enough times that my shoes are still as comfy as on day one, we’ve all become Shoedazzle members. 

The Shoedazzle membership is perfect even though I never need to buy new shoes (when I say long-lasting, I mean it!). If I ever want new shoes, my membership gives me up to 30% off discounts and VIP access. When I don’t want new shoes, I can just skip paying for a month of my membership. That said, last month, I used my membership to buy this irresistible combat boot for cheap. I’m so comfy in this new pair that I’m fully confident it’ll last a year – and make me look amazing the entire time.

If you too want comfy, long-lasting, low-cost shoes, sign up for Shoedazzle now to get your first pair of shoes starting at only $10!  After that, you might not need to buy new shoes for well over a year, but you always can.

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