Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Vol. 2 Recap

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Rihanna made 2020 entirely hers! The Amazon Prime exclusive, unorthodox immersive experiences over the classic catwalk, Rihanna made the latter feel fresh again, and people took notice. Her absolutely massive stage setup reminded people in both the fashion and the music world not just why she’s reigned among pop culture’s leaders for so long, but why her Savage X Fenty lingerie line is the future of fashion.

For much of the show, Rihanna surrounded herself with no shortage of models donning her gorgeous, colorful Savage X Fenty clothing. RiRi herself rocked one of the night’s most stunning outfits, a sheer body stocking matched with glamorous heels, a high-waisted wrap skirt, and giant diamond wristbands, the black shade of all but the diamonds rendering the megastar as an underworld queen.

However, the show was as much about Rihanna as it was about her models – and that’s exactly the point. Savage X Fenty has long celebrated diversity in its lingerie options. Models of all sizes and races look absolutely stunning in Savage X Fenty’s comfortable, supportive, sexy lingerie. In Rihanna’s eyes, all bodies are suited for lingerie, and her Fashion Week show drove that point home.

Following last year’s Savage X Fenty Vol 2, which made waves in the fashion industry for all but directly quashing the long-running notion of the skinny, blonde model as perfection, Rihanna got even more intentional this year. During a speech, she spotlighted all the models with her on the runway to clearly show her lingerie brand’s commitment to serving all customers. She spoke with passion about how vital it is to make fashion inclusive for people of all shapes, sizes, races, and genders, a goal at which she succeeds with Savage X Fenty with bra sizes up to 42H.

RiRi’s message can be heard outside the confines and exclusivity fashion. Amazon Prime Video aired her show this week, which includes appearances from diverse models such as the Parris Goebel. Of course, being a musician first, Rihanna made some room for her fellow performers too, with artists including Lizzo, and Willow Smith bringing their talents to the Savage X Fenty show.

Of course, Rihanna’s focus on empowering traditionally marginalized groups is all for nothing if Savage X Fenty items can’t easily be purchased or even found. Whereas other celebrities might place massive price tags on their items just because their name is stitched on the label, Savage X Fenty offers a massive variety of lingerie items for completely reasonable prices.

If you’re looking to buy lingerie from Savage X Fenty, you can join the brand’s VIP club. The process is simple: Take the Savage X Fenty quiz to discover your Savage style, shop the brand’s monthly new items, and enjoy 25 percent discounts off every item (or even more in some cases – the Strapless Bra is currently available to VIP members for a whopping 60 percent off its usual cost). Your monthly membership fee goes toward any purchases you make, and if you want to save it for next month instead, you can easily do that too.

Savage X Fenty is currently offering new members 50% off site wide. Click here to join Rihanna’s lingerie club today.

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