Don’t Buy Your Next Coat Unless It Has These Five Things

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When you set out to find the perfect coat to ward off the bitter cold of winter, you’re probably looking for a trusted name-brand coat that looks sleek and is stuffed with enough down to handle even the lowest temperatures. Although this is how many people go about shopping for their new winter jacket, it’s an imperfect approach. Yes, you want a coat you can wear without that goofy Michelin Man look, but the outerwear brands that dominate the market don’t always use the best technology available – down included. You should instead look for these five things in your next winter coat.

1. Only buy water- and wind-resistant fabric

Winter comes with water (in all forms!), wind, and oftentimes both at the same time! Make sure your coat protects you and helps you stay warm with fabric that is thick enough to shield you from gusts from both an oncoming subway and cold front. Stay dry and cozy with water-resistant fabric too — it’ll get wet, but underneath, you’ll be as warm and dry as if you’re walking through a huge Dyson hand dryer.

2. Look for sleeves with storm cuffs

After getting bundled up for the outdoors, nothing is worse than the shock of cold that hits the part of your wrist left exposed in the gap between your coat and glove. Soft and flexible storm cuffs keep snow and freezing rain out while keeping warmth and dryness in! Plus, storm cuffs are hidden so you can still look super chic without everyone else peeping your cuffs.

3. Pockets, pockets, pockets

Ahhh, the coat version of unlimited cup holders in a car. Carrying a purse in the winter is a faux pas. We think it’s better to make sure both hands are available for potential falls or opportunistic snowball fights. That’s why, among many other reasons, pockets are integral to the positive winter experience. Our favorite winter hack is to designate a specific pocket to always hold your phone, wallet, lip gloss, keys, so you always know where to go.

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4. Flattering features (waist cincher, snaps, chevron seaming, timeless silhouettes)

We always pick warmth and comfort over beauty…bundling up in the winter is the #1 priority. HOWEVER, when you can feel warm & look modern and stylish at once, why wouldn’t you? That’s what we thought. So look for flattering features like cinchers at the waist, chevron seaming, sleek silhouettes, and classic shapes.

5. Cruelty-free materials to lessen your impact on the environment

You want a coat that keeps you warm, but doesn’t warm the planet. There are a ton of different companies doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprint and be more sustainable, but not too many doing outerwear! That’s why you’ve got to look for companies that have cruelty-free materials, sustainable distribution, and other eco-friendly practices.

Does a coat exist with all of the above?


We found up-and-coming brand Harper Coats that checks all our boxes. Its fabric is waterproof and windproof and they use ultra-warm synthetic down instead of the less warm traditional down found in so many jackets. It comes with storm cuffs you can easily hide while protecting your wrists from frostbite. It has pockets for days (including one that fits all your basics). Each style is sleek and modern, so you’ll look as cute as you are cozy. In other words, Harper Coats have all the qualities the perfect, buy-it-for-life coat should have.

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With this deal, you can rock fashionable outerwear at an unbeatable price – and you’ll stay warm no matter the weather!

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