Four Adorable New Year’s Decor Ideas

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New Year’s Eve is around the corner, and if you’re celebrating NYE at home, you might want to decorate your living space with some eye-catching decorations. Of course, since many people attribute the new year to a fresh start and positive life changes, you might want to decorate in ways that reflect this mindset, but finding appropriate decorations can feel tough. With the below four adorable New Year’s decor ideas, finding visual cues for this theme can be less challenging than you might think.

1. Balloons

Balloons can be an easy and great way to add a festive vibe to your home. Use them to simulate your own NYE ball drop via a balloon drop. If blowing up balloons doesn’t sound like your thing, you can instead order pre-inflated balloons for delivery.

Pre-inflated balloons make it much easier to get 2021 balloons and other balloons that spell celebratory New Year’s phrases. These balloons can add tons of New Year’s Eve fun in a room or your bar area. 2021 balloons are also an aesthetically pleasing prop for New Year’s pictures.

2. Disco balls

In the past few years, disco balls have been making a comeback. With disco balls in your home, you might have an easier time starting a solo or mini dance party. Disco balls look great in the middle of a living room, placed as a cool centerpiece, or used as a chic decor piece for your home’s bar area. If you want a unique centerpiece, try placing mini disco balls into a vase. If you have any lights nearby, your disco balls can reflect their colors and brightness onto your tables and walls.

If a big disco ball is too large for your limited amount of space, you can also use mini disco balls as ceiling ornaments. Whether you choose a large disco ball or mini disco balls, your New Year’s home decorations can literally shine with disco balls present.

3. Clocks

If you’re not watching the NYE ball drop, a clock works well as an NYE countdown staple decor piece for your celebration. This decoration tip may seem obvious, but given the rise of smartphones and smartwatches, fewer people have clocks in their homes than in previous years.

Pro tip: If you have a decorated mantle or bar area, you can place a stylish clock there as a centerpiece so you won’t miss a second in your countdown. If you don’t have a bar area, place a beautiful clock in your living, dining room, or any area where your clock is front and center of your NYE celebration.

4. Confetti

If you want to add some extra dazzle to your NYE celebration, sprinkle some bright or sparkly confetti around your home. Confetti poppers are also fun to use when you’re having just a small New Year’s gathering. If you want to get creative while saving money, you can make DIY confetti by upcycling shredded gift wrapping paper or tissue paper. 

How will you be decorating your home for New Year’s? Sound off in the comments!

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