Five Exciting January 2021 Hulu and Netflix Arrivals

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Every month Hulu and Netflix feature new arrivals and older movies on their platforms. Of course, the sheer number of new arrivals every month comes with a challenge that every Netflix or Hulu user knows far too well. Namely, with all these new arrivals, it can be tough to find the right one to start watching. Make your decision easier by choosing one of the five exciting Hulu and Netflix January 2021 arrivals detailed below.

Endlings: Season 2

Available on Hulu

If you’re a fan of Stranger Things but you want to watch something more kid-friendly and lighthearted, you might find Endlings just as interesting. This teenage science fiction show written by multiple-time Emmy-winner J.J. Johnson is about four foster children who team up with an alien to save other extraterrestrial beings. The first season was well-received, and many people like that the show addresses topics such as foster care and the treatment of animals. 

Outside the Wire

Available on Netflix

Outside the Wire shares a sci-fi thread with Endings, as it is an action movie with war and androids. The movie takes place in 2036 after a civil war in Eastern Europe. The story follows a drone pilot, played by Damson Idris, who is sent into the war zone to stop a nuclear attack. He is paired with a top-secret android officer, played by Anthony Mackie, and both characters have to save the world.

No Escape 

Available on Hulu

For a great recent thriller, No Escape might be the ideal choice. No Escape tells the story of Cole (Keegan Allen), a young social media influencer who travels with his friends to Moscow. He believes that Moscow would be a great place to record some good content for his successful vlogging channel. As he tries to push his limits to gain more of an audience, Cole and his friends find themselves in a dangerous and frightening situation. 

Radium Girls

Available on Netflix

Period drama Radium Girls is based on a true story. It depicts young women working under dangerous conditions in a New Jersey radium factory in the 1920s. Some of the women who work in the factory become ill from radiation poisoning, which compels them to advocate for safer work conditions. The movie features actors Joey King, Abby Quinn, and Cara Seymour. Initially, the movie was slated for a wide release in April 2020, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic delayed its release until December 15. 

The Sister: Season 1

Available on Hulu January 22

The Sister is a four-part psychological thriller adapted from a book called Burial, which was written by critically-acclaimed writer Neil Cross. The series stars Russell Tovey, Amrita Acharia, Bertie Carvel, and Nina Toussaint-White. It focuses on a man named Nathan who lives a normal, unfulfilling life with his wife. However, when Nathan’s former friend, Bob, comes back into his life, Nathan’s entire life changes. Bob was a part of Nathan’s brutal past, and his reappearance brings a revelation that makes Nathan question what he has to do.

What Netflix and Hulu arrivals are you most excited about this month? Sound off in the comments!

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