Vahdam Teas Is Oprah And Ellen’s Fave. And That’s Just One Reason Why You’ll Love It

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If you truly love tea, then you probably don’t love supermarket tea. That’s because you know you need to look elsewhere for high-quality, healthy teas with one-of-a-kind flavors. Enter Vahdam Teas, a brand far above and beyond grocery aisle options – here’s why it’s the best tea around. 

1. Their blends are formulated for your health

Vahdam creates each tea blend to support an important wellness goal. Try the Classic English Breakfast for focus or the Turmeric Cocoa Instant Mix Superfood Elixir for immunity. You can browse collections for your goals, too, including digestiondetoxbetter sleep, and energy, as well.

2. Oprah and Ellen love it

Lots of people first heard about Vahdam Teas from none other than Oprah and Ellen. Oprah included it in her favorite things of 2018, and Ellen once called it the “best tea ever.” With endorsements this high-level, you’ll know you can trust Vahdam right from the jump.

3. Vahdam’s quality is unparalleled

Vahdam couples its health focus with high-quality ingredients, herbs, and superfoods. All its teas are hand-picked from India’s most esteemed tea gardens, and all its ingredients (such as the turmeric, ashwagandha, lemongrass, and black pepper in the Turmeric Ashwagandha Herbal Tea) are 100% natural. When it comes to quality, Vahdam means it.

4. Every blend is deliciously unforgettable

With Vahdam, health and high quality taste good too. The India’s Original Masala Chai Tea is a great example: Its cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and black pepper boost energy levels without any unsavory tastes or questionable ingredients. Through Vahdam’s collection, you can find whatever your mind and taste buds desire.

Vahdam Teas

5. The company is dedicated to doing business right

In focusing on health and quality, Vahdam doesn’t sacrifice fairness and safety. It pays its farmers fair wages, uses contaminant-free storage processes, and cuts out middlemen while staying climate and plastic neutral. It’s not just you who stays healthier with Vahdam – so does everyone else.

6. Vahdam teas have an exceptional shelf life

When you buy Vahdam, you make a smart investment. That’s because most tea lasts no longer than two years in your cupboard, but Vahdam loose leaf teas last up to three years. (Not that you’ll have the same box for three years — you’ll drink this tea way before it expires!) 

7. Vahdam makes a great gift for everyone

Whenever you need to give exciting gifts, Vahdam is there for you. Its gift boxes of tins and tea bags have intriguing, heartwarming holiday and location themes, and they have such pretty colors and decorations that you can leave the gift wrap for other occasions. They’re perfect for your boss, sister, neighbor, or anyone else you can think of, for any occasion! 

Vahdam’s gift boxes often have enough tea for hundreds of cups, so Vahdam Teas is the gift that keeps giving. Speaking of gifts, Vadham is offering our readers an exclusive discount of 20% off your order with code VDAY20 at checkout! Head to Vahdam’s website now for this limited-time offer. The best tea you’ll ever have – at prices you’ll never beat – is just a few clicks away!

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