Seven Reasons Why All Babies – And Parents – Need Serenity Kids

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If you’re raising babies or toddlers, then you’ve probably noticed that supermarket baby foods just aren’t the healthiest options out there. When I had this worry, I searched high and low for healthy baby foods and found Serenity Kids. Here’s why my 18 month old Connor and my three year old Shannon now eat Serenity Kids – and why your family should make the switch too.

1. Serenity Kids doesn’t sacrifice nutrition for convenience

Of course, kids are messy and picky, so you probably want low-fuss baby food. The problem is that, with baby food, you usually get either nutrition or convenience, but not both. Serenity Kids is a much-needed exception – babies and toddlers love its foods, which are nutrient-dense, shelf-stable, and stored in convenient pouches for on-the-go healthy meals.

2. Serenity Kids has no harmful ingredients

Just as Serenity Kids avoids fillers, it also omits preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, and other processed ingredients. This isn’t just limited to the meat and veggies used — none are added into the products at any stage. Serenity Kids is also one of the only pouched baby foods that has received the Clean Label Project Purity Award, meaning all its foods are tested at an accredited lab for over 200 heavy metals and toxins.

3. Serenity Kids provides fat and protein calories

Serenity Kids offers meat-based pouches packed with proteins and healthy fats components like animal fats, organic olive or avocado oil. Worried about serving meat to babies? Fret not – the USDA recommends meat for babies.

4. Serenity Kids only uses the highest quality meat

Serenity Kids sources meat that is grass-fed, pasture-raised, and with no hormones and antibiotics. The animals are not fed anything that’s been genetically modified. This means that Connor and Shannon are only eating well-sourced meats with no additives, preservatives or chemicals. 

5. Serenity Kids exclusively uses organic veggies

Serenity Kids is more than just meat. It also offers savory, 100% organic veggie pouches. And with delicious veggie choices including butternut squash, sweet potato, and pumpkin, it’s no wonder Shannon gulps down her pouches!

6. Serenity Kids has the first-ever grain free, rice free puffs

Serenity Kids’ new grain free and rice free puffs are the perfect, crunchy snack that doesn’t sacrifice on nutrition. Connor loves to snack on the broccoli and spinach with bone broth and olive oil puffs, while Shannon enjoys the carrot and beet with olive oil. They munch on these healthy puffs throughout the day and I don’t have to worry about the ingredients since I know they are gluten-free, non-GMO, made with USDA organic certified vegetables, and no sugary fruit.

7. Serenity Kids is the work of actual parents

Serenity Kids gets its name from co-founder Serenity Carr, who, like many kids, was raised on grains, sugar, and dairy. She experienced health issues throughout her younger years that went away as an adult once she ditched these foods. Her husband and co-founder Joe is autistic and had a similar experience with food. That’s why their baby, Della, gets a nutrient-dense diet of clean meats, veggies, and healthy fats. It’s also why the Carrs launched Serenity Kids: To them, all parents should get to feed their kids this well.

Serenity Kids is currently making this mission even easier with 15% off its products. Click here to claim your discount on a single pouch or a variety pack such as (Connor’s favorite) the Ethically Sourced Meats Variety Pack. Healthy baby food has never been this affordable – or convenient! 

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