I Gave Up Supermarket Coffee For This Direct-to-Home Subscription

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Real coffee lovers know the struggle: There’s nothing better than a home-brewed cup o’ joe, but the can from the grocery store lacks real flavor. Sure, I could go to a nearby café for my coffee, but it’s way more expensive per cup. Plus, going out to get my coffee defeats the purpose of staying at home! With supermarkets and coffee shops dropping the ball, how could I get fresh-roasted, flavorful coffee at fair prices?

The answer is Amora Coffee, which ships fresh-roasted, flavorful blends straight to my house. Amora’s fifth-generation Master Roasters use a signature nine-step roasting process (that’s six steps more than usual!) to create their four original blends and four flavor blends, whether whole-bean or ground, caffeinated or decaf. You may be wondering “Seriously, how is this coffee so good?” Their secret; is their Roast Master Matthew.  Matthew has been roasting coffee for a lifetime and has a few flavor secrets up his sleeve. He selects the beans and roasts them to what he considers perfection, insisting quality and demanding freshness.  There’s a blend for almost any flavor and intensity I want to try. (And if you’re not a coffee drinker, that’s OK — Amora has delicious and unique tea blends, too!)

amora coffee

Each batch is hand-packed in foil-lined bags to preserve its robust aroma and flavor. And since Amora sends coffee based on my choice per shipment, not only am I set for many mornings ahead, but I’m effectively paying less per cup than I do at cafes – and the coffee is way tastier to boot.

Amora Coffee is more flavorful than I could have ever dreamed, and that’s thanks to their customization options. Through my subscription, I can find my perfect coffee match, whether that’s Hazelnut Cinnamon or an intense Vigorosi blend with dashes of lemon, chocolate, and caramel. And if I ever have questions about Amora’s blends, I can just reach out to their customer service, and they respond super quickly. In my time as an Amora subscriber, it’s been clear that Amora doesn’t just care about coffee – they care about me enjoying it too.

My longtime subscription has given me another reason to love Amora: perks! Amora makes sure I have everything I need to enjoy my coffee: they sent a coffee scoop with my second shipment, a ceramic canister with my third, and a travel mug with my fourth. You too can get these gifts – just become an Amora subscriber like me! You’ll get a free bag of freshly roasted coffee PLUS a free mug and just $1.00 shipping – in other words, like the joy of drinking high-quality coffee, it’s priceless.

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