Four Romantic At-Home Date Ideas

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Some people like to go out for Valentine’s Day, but nothing is stopping you from having a sweet Valentine’s Day at home. With some planning, an at-home Valentine’s Day can also save you time and money. You’ll have many date ideas to choose from that you can enjoy without your date appearing unplanned. Here are four romantic at-home date ideas.

1. At-home dinner date

You and your partner can enjoy a delicious at-home Valentine’s Day with fondue and snacks. With a fondue pot in your living room, you can relax and melt either chocolate or cheese to pair with strawberries and other snacks. If you or your date has a sweet tooth, add dark and white chocolate with fruits, marshmallows, and cookies to the mix. If you want something more savory, cheese and cooked vegetables complement each other especially well. 

2. At-home spa day

Although many people enjoy dinner dates on Valentine’s Day, you and your partner can always pamper each other instead of putting work into mealtime. Enjoy a little self-care with an at-home spa day that starts with essential oil massages and bubble baths but certainly doesn’t stop there. 

Next, end your self-care night with a homemade face mask of blended avocado, honey, plain yogurt, and lemon juice. After your mask is blended to a creamy consistency, you and your date can apply your masks for 20 minutes and then wash them off for newly relaxed and moisturized skin.

3. At-home wine and paint

A paint and sip night can be fun if you and your date want to get creative at home for Valentine’s Day. For your painting supplies, you’ll need a couple of canvases, paint, some small paint palettes, a few brushes, and plastic cups to wash your brushes. To prevent paint splatter on your table and floor, you can buy a plastic tablecloth and some newspaper to place on the ground.

During your paint and sip Valentine’s date, you can enjoy your wine of choice. You can either paint whatever you like or follow a beginner painting tutorial video online. While you and your partner paint, you may want to wear a protective covering or clothes that you don’t mind getting covered in paint. You can play some relaxing music in the background too.

4. At-home backyard (or balcony) date

You and your partner can have a romantic at-home date under the stars in your backyard or on your balcony. To get comfortable outside, you can lay out a blanket or set up a tent. If it’s cold out, an outdoor heater will warm you up. 

With a clear night sky, sky gazing can be fun and romantic. Look at all the stars together and try to point them constellations. If you can’t identify constellations, break out a stargazing app for assistance. Having a cozy outdoor date in your backyard or balcony isn’t just a great at-home Valentine’s Day date – it’s an unforgettable one.

What are your favorite at-home Valentine’s Day ideas? Sound off comments!

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