Here’s Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Invest in Yourself (Risk Free) and Become a Certified Personal Trainer

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A few months ago, I decided to ditch my sit-all-day 9-to-5 grind and return to what I love doing: working out. But I couldn’t just walk into any gym and offer to start training people – I needed the credentials to prove that I knew how to help others become their best selves through fitness. To make it to the next level, I knew I’d need to make the investment in myself. Through ISSA, the International Sports Sciences Association, I decided to turn the uncertainty of the past year into a unique opportunity to invest in my future risk free. With ISSA, I could get the certification I needed at my own pace, right from home! 

Initially, when I invested in my new career, I was needlessly worried that my usual adult responsibilities would get in the way of focusing on building a new career, plus I figured it would be expensive. Instead, with ISSA’s personal certification program, I could take classes on my own time, since all ISSA study materials, exercise lessons, and tests are online. ISSA offered me a customized payment program, too, so I could invest my money risk free in easy installments.

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When I got started with ISSA, I saw that I could choose from certifications including personal training, strength and conditioning, yoga, and nutrition. I knew right away that personal training was my golden ticket, and to get started, I filled out ISSA’s free evaluation kit. After that, I got to try hundreds of exercises right from home and spend just one or two hours per day studying. Plus, since I did my course at my own pace, I got through it in just 4 weeks! And since the accredited final exam was online, untimed, and open-book, I aced it no problem! At the end of my journey, I got my certificate – and the credentials I needed to excel in my new career.

ISSA’s flexible scheduling and risk-free investment made my dreams possible: working out as my job. I get to share my fitness and health passions with other people. I actually interact with people for work. Plus, my timing couldn’t have been better since there was a huge crowd of back-to-the-gym folks looking for guidance. With ISSA’s certification, I’ve been helping these folks get fit again. And ISSA helped me find this job – in fact, if ISSA fails to find you a fitness job within the six months after you complete your course, you get a full refund!

Between the job prospects, the ISSA employment guarantee, and just the pure joy my certification would bring, I knew that I had found just the right moment to invest in my future. Plus, since people are still returning to gyms and seeking professional help to do so safely, now is also the perfect time for you to invest in yourself like I did – with no risk!! Just click here to claim your free ISSA evaluation kit. For me, it was worth every penny, and it will be for you too. There is no better time than now to invest in your future!

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