Kelly Rowland’s Shoe Line Is Selling Out FAST! Here’s How to Get Your Pair

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Leave it to an icon like Kelly Rowland to bring the shoe collection of my dreams to life! I’ve found joy and power in her music countless times, and now, I can wear her iconic looks in my everyday life.

The Kelly Rowland x Just Fab shoe collection is no ordinary footwear line. Unlike many other collections I’ve tried, this line leaves aching heels and arches behind without sacrificing style and flair. And it’s all thanks to one genius, shockingly simple hack: The entire Kelly Rowland collection is made with JF Form Foam padded insoles. 

Yes, you’re reading that right – I’m wearing boots, heels, and flats that all have padding (and trust me, it’s a lot!) without turning into one of those ugly, medical-looking shoes. JF Form Foam is twice the thickness of standard foam padding, offering support reminiscent of memory foam without any of the bulk.

Whether I’m breaking out the Aphrodite heel for eye-popping woven detailing and faux leather or the Clio for a fashion-first open-toed day, my feet never cramp or blister. Same goes for the Enyo, the Kelly Rowland x JustFab combat boots that bring out my inner badass. Kelly’s giving me all comfort, all fashion, all the time!

And that’s fully intentional. Kelly developed her latest JustFab line while working on multiple projects and welcoming a new baby into the family! So life in 2020 gave her a newfound appreciation for comfort. She also noticed that way more slides, sandals, and tennis shoes – comfort essentials – emerged over the last year than ever before. She saw a huge demand for comfy shoes, and if my shoes are any indicator, she’s 100% meeting it!

It’s not just the padding that’s good news. My Athena sandals are a great example: They’re flats, but they also have an arch (that’s so rare for cute flats!), so my feet don’t feel like rubber hams after I wear them on walks with friends. The memory foam-like construction and feel molds right to my feet. And the extra cushion under the padding helps a ton too! It’s like walking on the world’s softest pillows, but they’re entirely supportive and pain-free. And somehow, this is all in a sandal. The foam hasn’t flattened over multiple wears — it’s as supportive as it was the first day I put them on!

Before this newest Kelly Rowland x JustFab drop, I wasn’t sure that shoes this comfy and fashionable could actually exist. I was always giving up one for the other. The thing is, I’m not the only one loving them – just look how fast the Kelly Rowland collection is selling! Kelly’s shoes are such a hit with people from all walks of life that the most popular styles are close to selling out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get them.

In fact, if you join JustFab’s VIP club right now, you won’t get just the last Kelly Rowland shoes available – you’ll also get a huge discount. For a limited time, Kelly’s newest JustFab shoes are selling for only $10 a pair! Sign up now to get fashion-forward heels, sandals, and boots that are classic AND unforgettably comfy.

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