Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Breaking Up?

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Last week, there were several reports that singer Jennifer Lopez and former baseball player Alex Rodriguez were breaking up. This week, both Lopez and Rogriguez insist that they’re together. Below, find out which of these situations might actually be true.

Lopez and Rodriguez were rumored to be splitting

According to an alleged close source, Lopez and Rodriguez reportedly split up last Friday, which would have ended their two-year engagement. Their breakup was confirmed by multiple media outlets. As these reports came out, a source close to Rodriguez told an outlet that he was working in Miami, while Lopez was filming a movie, Shotgun Wedding, in the Dominican Republic.

Lopez and Rodiguez started dating in 2017. After dating for two years, Lopez and Rodriguez got engaged in the Bahamas in March 2019. The couple was spotted appearing happy when Lopez performed at Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration in January. However, a source told an outlet that the break-up “has been a long time coming.”

Two days after initial reports of their breakup, Rodriguez reunited with Lopez in the Dominican Republic. According to a source who knows Lopez, the couple seemed happy and Lopez was happy to be with Rodriguez in person while she films. Before this instance, Lopez was allegedly unhappy and struggling with trust issues.

JLo and ARod said the opposite

Despite multiple reports claiming that Lopez and Rodriguez broke up, the couple and other sources told a major new outlet that the couple is still together. Both of them claimed to be shocked after hearing the reports of their supposed breakup last Friday. They both admitted that they’ve had relationship issues, but they also said that they’re currently working on resolving them. 

According to both Lopez and Rodriguez, they haven’t broken up and no one else is involved in their rumored breakup. The couple said in a statement to a prominent news outlet that the rumors are inaccurate. Additionally, they stated, “We are working through some things.”

The couple may have actually broken up

One outlet said that Lopez and Rodriguez did indeed break up. According to this report, last Friday night, the couple had a long conversation and decided to get back together after a short breakup. The next day, they issued their public statements. After Rodriguez visited Lopez, they were happier together. 

What may have caused the couple’s trust issues?

Last month, it was rumored that Rodriguez once had an affair with reality show Southern Charm‘s Madison LeCroy. However, one source told an outlet that the two had never met. In an interview, LeCroy stated that she has indeed talked to Rodriguez on the phone but the calls were “innocent.” She also confirmed that they have never met in person and are just acquaintances.

What’s next for JLo and ARod?

Lopez and Rodriguez have had to postpone their wedding twice due to COVID-19. In January, Lopez told a magazine that she and Rodriguez aren’t in a rush to get married. For now, the couple appears to be happy together.

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