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You know how it goes: you have a closet full of jackets for every occasion. Windbreakers, rain shells, big down parkas for the worst of winter. But whichever one you roll with just doesn’t cut it once you’re out the door. What if one jacket was all you needed to stay warm and perfectly dry in all conditions? Using technology originally developed for NASA spacecraft to deliver advanced warmth in a performance silhouette, OROS brings you the Gemini – ultra thin, crazy warm, this is the science of versatility.

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Does The Gemini Hold Up?

Yes, the Gemini Jacket replaces a closet full of gear — freeing up physical and mental space to pursue what’s important — your next adventure. The modular Gemini system consists of a protective shell and insulating vest. You can wear the shell and vest separately or combined for ultimate warmth and weather protection.

Show Me The Layers

Shell for protection without the insulation.

If the weather takes a turn for the worse, the Gemini waterproof shell will provide superior protection from the elements — blocking wind, keeping  you dry, and most importantly, keeping you moving.

Vest for warmth in motion.

The vest is stylish on its own, and perfectly suited for high output activities. Whether getting vertical on a trail run, or surging though a city commute, the Gemini vest is tailored for you.

 Layered for changing conditions.

When the weather keeps tossing curveballs your way, The Gemini gives you the ability to quickly adapt to your surroundings, no matter what the world throws at you! Layer up or down to optimize your warmth-to-protection ratio.

Fully integrated for ultimate protection.

When the mercury drops, flip the vest inside-out to secure the vest and shell, using the conveniently color coded snaps, to create a hybrid system perfect for moving through the coldest climates.

How Can I Purchase The Gemini

The Gemini is available exclusively HERE. Use the Red Link below get exclusive access!

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