GetUpside Gives You Cash Each Time You Buy Gas. Here’s How I’m Earning

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I enjoy driving, but sputtering along in traffic to work saps all the enjoyment out of being behind the wheel. All that stopping and starting –  on top of the lengthy trip – eats through gas faster than I can blink. Even when gas prices are low, I still feel the sting of the price at the pump. I can’t avoid these gas purchases, but thankfully, I now have the GetUpside app to help me get some money back on this essential expense.

GetUpside gives me cash back for every gallon of gas I buy, all while directing me to gas stations along my usual commute. No more searching high and low for affordable gas, and no more following those blue gas signs on the highway just to get lost and waste time turning around. I’m earning as much as $0.25 back per gallon, which can really add up for someone with a commute as intense as mine!

GetUpside isn’t tied to a single brand or gas station. Thousands of stations, from big names to mom and pop stops, are offering cash back through the GetUpside app. And GetUpside builds in ways for me to discover new gas stations to use, all of which are along my typical route so I never have to go out of my way. 

GetUpside doesn’t limit how many times you redeem your rewards, and the app doesn’t have any minimum withdrawal requirements. That means I can wait until the savings add up or transfer my new earnings to my PayPal account several times a week. These are rebates my way, without the impatience of waiting or meeting an impossibly high threshold to reap my rewards.

I’m far from the only driver saving on GetUpside. I’m one of a community of around 30 million people who get cash back at local and brand-name gas stations through this easy to use app. All I need to do to get my cash is upload a receipt of my purchase or use my app-connected credit card for automatic, no-receipt check-in. With this ease of use and high cashback rate, GetUpside’s regular users have racked up millions in cashback so far this year!

If you share my gas woes, there’s never been a better time to join GetUpside. For a limited time, you can use the promo code HYPE25 when you sign up for $0.25 more cash back per gallon of gas. That means up to $0.50 in cash back per gallon instead of $0.25 – double or triple the cash And claiming this offer is easy! Just download the free GetUpside app and enter code HYPE25 for not just smooth sailing, but smooth savings.

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