As It Gets Warmer, Here’s How To Get Back Into Running Outside

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It’s getting warmer outside, so now is a great time to take advantage of the weather and run outside. That said, whether you’re new to running or you’ve just been out of practice for a while, it can seem challenging to run outside in the heat. Not getting too hot while you exercise outside can seem tough, but you shouldn’t let the heat discourage you. To get back into running outside, follow the below tips.

1. Choose the best time to go outside

One of the best times to run outside is in the morning. The morning is cooler compared to midday, and there’s more oxygen in the morning air. This higher oxygen content will make it easier for you to breathe properly as your heart rate soars. It’ll thus be easier for you to run, and since your metabolism will be pushed, you might burn more calories.

2. Plan your route

When it’s warmer, it’s smart to plan your route so you can have an enjoyable run without getting dehydrated. Plot your run near local stores, parks, or drinking fountains so you can refill your water bottle. Additionally, make sure your running route has enough shade for you to avoid direct sunlight and blacktop, which emanates heat.

3. Put on activewear and accessories

When running outside, you should wear appropriate activewear that can keep you cool and protect your skin from UV rays. For example, moisture-wicking and loose-fit workout clothes prevent heat from building up under your clothes. Cotton, on the other hand, is absorbent, making it a poor fit for easy cooldowns. 

You should also avoid wearing darker clothes since dark colors absorb heat more than lighter colors, which reflect sunlight. For UV protection, you can wear a cap or visor to protect your head and face. Lastly, wear sunglasses with UV protection and apply sunscreen to your exposed skin.

4. Stay hydrated

It’s essential to stay hydrated before and while running in the heat. Running experts and health experts advise having a hydration plan, especially while exercising outside in the heat. When running in the heat, it’s recommended to drink at least 16 to 28 ounces of fluid intake per hour. Additionally, since you sweat and lose salt while exercising, drinking an electrolyte-balanced sports drink can be highly beneficial.

5.Walk before your run

Before you start returning to your running regimen, you should make sure you can walk for at least 45 minutes without any pain. This way, you’ll avoid running injuries, as walking reconditions your soft tissue and prepares you for the rigorous demands of running. Walking can also be a good warmup before a run.

6. Stretch before and after

It’s best to stretch before and after running, especially if you’re new to running or you haven’t run in a while. Do some dynamic stretches before a run so you can lubricate the joints in your ankles and hips. Stretching after a run is also essential to loosen up muscles that become tight with repetitive use or intensity. Doing so will also help you relax and have an easy recovery.

How do you stay cool and safe while running outside? Sound off in the comments!

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