Gas Costs Add Up When You’re A Rideshare Driver. Here’s How GetUpside Helps Me Save

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I love being a rideshare driver, but so much of the cost falls on me, including filling up my tank multiple times a week. On my busiest days, it feels like my earnings go right back into my tank, so I’m always looking for ways to cut costs. That’s how I found GetUpside.

With GetUpside, I get cash back on every gallon of gas that I buy. With this free app, I earn up to $0.25 in cash back per gallon, so I’m effectively spending $200 to $300 less on gas per month. And as a rideshare driver, that’s huge. Between the ease of use and the hundreds in cashback each month, GetUpside users like me have earned millions of dollars in cash back so far this year!

I’m a delivery driver and wanted to let you guys know I am so grateful for GetUpside. I fill up twice a week and GetUpside always gets me the lowest price around. Thank you guys so much!” ~ Sam M., GetUpside earnings: $743

GetUpside makes it simple to find a participating gas station. The app offers directions straight to those stations that are already on my route. That way, I don’t need to go out of my way to find the right gas station. GetUpside also pairs with gas stations to offer new, extra cashback offers for places I’ve never visited, giving my account an extra boost. With GetUpside, gas isn’t just cheaper – it’s easier to find between ride requests.

I’m not alone in loving GetUpside. Nearly 30 million people – including rideshare drivers like myself – use GetUpside for cash back on all their gas purchases. Of course, GetUpside’s popularity is largely due to its cashback features, but the supreme ease of use certainly helps. To get cash back when I buy gas, I just grab my phone, then I take a picture of my receipt or use the receipt-free credit card check-in feature.

I drive for Uber and this app helps me immensely to save money on gas and get the best price on gas.” ~Nathaniel P., GetUpside earnings: $218.69

At the end of my hectic days, GetUpside makes cashing out easy. I can instantly deposit all my earnings to my PayPal account, so I get my cash with no delay. I can request to cash out every day or use the app as a second savings account and cash out at the end of the month – there are no rules as to how and when I can get my rebates.

If you’re a rideshare driver like me with the same gas woes I’ve had, now’s the perfect time to join GetUpside: For a limited time, the promo code HYPEGAS will get you $0.25 more cash back per gallon. That means up to $0.50 in cash back per gallon instead of $0.25 – double or triple the cash. So what are you waiting for? Download the free GetUpside app now and enter code HYPEGAS for smooth sailing (or driving!) to significant savings.

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