How You Can Safely (and Easily) Hang Plants from Your Ceiling

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A great way to liven up your home’s aesthetic is by hanging some houseplants from your ceiling. However, hanging your plants requires a few tools and several steps. Below, discover how you can safely (and easily) hang plants from your ceiling.

Hang your plant from a joist or drywall

If you decide to install houseplants into your ceiling, you’ll need to determine whether to hang your planter from a ceiling joist or drywall. For ceiling joists, it’s easiest to use a stud finder to locate joists from which you can safely hang your plants. Hanging your plants from joists means you won’t have to make big holes in your ceiling. Regular screw hooks or swag hooks without an anchor are the most common ways to hang houseplants from a ceiling joist or wooden beam.

If you want to hang your plant from drywall, you’ll need a swag hook with a toggle bolt. However, toggle bolts or anchors create bigger holes, so sealing the holes left behind after you stop hanging your plants will be much more difficult.

Before choosing between joists and drywall, it’s important to check your lease to verify that you’re allowed to make punctures in your walls. If it doesn’t, you may prefer joists since you won’t need as big of holes to use them for hanging. That said, whether your lease does or doesn’t allow modifications, you can easily seal holes later if you use spackle and drywall patches. 

Hang your plant near or far from a window 

Depending on your houseplant’s needs, its ideal hanging spot will vary. If your houseplant requires a lot of sunlight, it’s best hung from a south-facing window. Additionally, your plant should hang from a ceiling hook that rotates so that your houseplant gets sunlight on all its sides. Hang your plant freely without it being too close to or resting on other objects.

Mark your houseplant hanging area 

After using your stud finder to determine where your joist is located, mark the area where you want to hang your plant. If you decide to hang your houseplant into drywall, select a drill bit that is a slightly smaller size than the top of your toggle bolt when the toggle is shut. The hole you’ll make will need to be big enough for you to push the toggle bolt up and through. 

Drill a hole and hang your plant

After you’ve marked the area where you’ll hang your plant, you can drill a small pilot hole into the ceiling’s joist or drywall. Then, use a plier or hand-screw the ceiling hook to secure it into place. 

If you’re using a swag hook with a toggle bolt for drywall installation, screw the hinged clip onto the swag hook and push the whole apparatus into the hole you created. You will then hear and feel the toggle bolt’s wings go flat. Lightly pull on the hook to make sure it’s sturdy and flush with the ceiling. Lastly, hang your new ceiling plant and appreciate your newly installed hanging plant.

How do you hang plants from your home’s ceiling? Sound off in the comments!

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