Smart Home Kits Keep Your Home Safe and Sound. Here’s Why Hippo Offers Them At No Cost To You.

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Hippo Insurance Services is changing how homeowners take care of their property. For starters, you can save up to 25% with Hippo’s premiums. And for qualifying homeowners, policies include smart home kits that not only keep homes safe and secure but can provide additional discounts on premiums. Here’s how smart home kits from Hippo help homeowners avoid damages and costly repairs.

1. No upfront costs (and ample long-term savings)

Even homeowners who already own smart home systems save money. That’s because the initial investment into smart home systems helps homeowners detect concerns before they swell into highly expensive problems. And with Hippo, homeowners don’t pay a dime for their smart home devices.

2. Premium discounts

Homeowners can already save up to 25% with discounts on Hippo premiums, and Hippo smart home kits lower these premiums even further. Homeowners who accept Hippo’s smart home kit offers save 10% to 13% on their premiums. With Hippo, home kits aren’t just smart – they’re budget-savvy, too.

3. Around-the-clock home monitoring

With smart home systems, homeowners have systems in place to detect things like smoke, carbon monoxide, and water leaks 24/7. Hippo’s smart home systems also include door and window sensors that let you know if you left a window or door open leaving you vulnerable to an intruder. The result is a smarter, safer home today – and fewer issues tomorrow.

4. Smoke and carbon monoxide detector upgrades

Although standard smoke and carbon monoxide detectors get the job done, smart technology drastically improves them. A Hippo smart home kit is thus a life-saving upgrade. With Hippo, homeowners can protect not just their property, but their families.

5. Mobile alerts

Homeowners have the option to monitor their Hippo smart home systems through the smart home provider’s mobile app. This app can also send homeowners notifications so they can immediately act on pressing concerns. With smart home kits, homeowners can resolve minor issues before they become major problems.

6. Easy to install

Many smart home kits can be set up in minutes. Each device comes with thorough, simple-to-understand instructions to follow, so your new smart home can be put to work from the moment the kit arrives.

7. Professional-level options

With Hippo’s option to upgrade to their professional-level monitoring system, you get all the tools you need to provide a strong foundation to keep your home safe and secure. The professional-level system includes cameras, entry sensors, 24/7 professionally monitored alerts, and emergency dispatch.

With free smart home kits and their accompanying discounts on already affordable homeowner’s insurance plans, Hippo leads the way in giving homeowners complete peace of mind. If you’re a homeowner looking for cost-effective plans that won’t leave you underinsured and under-protected, click here for your 60-second Hippo quote. A smart, safe home is just clicks away.

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