60% Of American Homes are Underinsured. Act Now Before It’s Too Late.

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If you have homeowner’s insurance but you’re still paying tons for repairs, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re among the nearly 60% of American homeowners whose home is underinsured by 20% on average according to CoreLogic. This all happens because homeowners often find the insurance search so frustrating that they just give up – surely, you can relate. Perhaps you settled for the cheapest plan and only later realized how poorly you were covered. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Hippo Insurance Services offers comprehensive homeowner’s insurance at affordable prices.

Annual premiums offered through Hippo  are up to 25% less than what other homeowner’s insurance companies offer, and the low prices don’t mean bare minimum coverage. Hippo offers four times as much electronics coverage as other insurers, and homeowners can opt into popular add-ons such as appliance, water damage, and utility line coverage. Hippo generates custom quotes in just 60 seconds, so you’ll know within minutes just how much you can save in dollars while gaining in coverage.

Hippo also makes home ownership better and smarter by giving some homeowners free smart home kits. Not only is this kit free for those who qualify, but accepting Hippo’s offer also results in a 10% premium discount. The result is a safer, better home at an accessible price point.

By offering free smart home kits and discounted premiums, Hippo enables homeowners to detect and resolve many home issues before they become serious problems. This way, homeowners can feel more reassured around the clock. They save money too, as smart home devices such as water leak sensors cost far less than repairing the damage that follows a leak. 

Of course, even the smartest home systems and homeowners can’t detect every problem. That’s why Hippo maintains a preferred partner network for major issues in your home. This way, customers can contact Hippo, be paired with a thoroughly vetted contractor, and quickly schedule repairs. And with Hippo, because your home isn’t underinsured, you can rest assured that the necessary fixes are covered.

For far less money than homeowner’s insurance often costs, Hippo provides homeowners of all types with not just comprehensive insurance, but peace of mind. Hippo plans allow homeowners to stop worrying about unexpected issues growing into major financial losses and unlivable homes. If you’re a homeowner seeking affordable, wide-ranging plans that won’t leave you underinsured, click here for your 60-second Hippo quote. You’ll be one step closer to thoroughly protecting one of your most valuable assets.

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