Why Uproar.car is Better than CarShield

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Although your car is crucial to your lifestyle, you might feel clueless about whether your car repair plan truly protects you. You might also be frustrated that your plan is so expensive and wonder, are you getting what you’re paying for, or are salespeople just ripping you off to earn more commission? That’s why car owners frustrated with traditional plans are turning away from dealership vehicle service contracts toward companies like Uproar.car

Uproar.car covers more than regular old dealerships, and they typically do so at lower monthly rates. If you search for alternative car repair plans, you’ll likely encounter two brands: Uproar.car and CarShield.

Uproar.car and CarShield both offer low plan rates, low deductibles, month-to-month plans, and transparent coverage — but their customer experience is vastly different. Here, we’ll dive into where these two companies overlap and how they’re distinct.

Quick Guide: Uproar.car vs. CarShield

Instant online quotes and signupYesNo
Aggressive salespeopleNoYes
Transparent pricingYesNo
Cash back for car maintenanceYesNo
Everyday discountsYesNo
App-based claimsYesNo
Signup bonusYes – first month free plus 20% off lifetime subscriptionNo

7 reasons Uproar.car is better than CarShield 

1. Uproar.car offers instant online quotes and signup

With Uproar.car, you can get a plan quote and then immediately sign up without any phone calls. Car Shield, on the other hand, requires you to call for a quote and speak with a salesperson.

2. Uproar.car has no salespeople 

Car repairs salespeople are known to be aggressive, hounding potential customers with calls until they finally cave and sign up. Uproar.car’s plans entirely forgo this concern. Since the entire Uproar.car quote and signup process is online, you won’t have salespeople calling you around the clock and stressing you out.

3. Uproar.car’s pricing is transparent

Uproar.car’s website clearly lists the base monthly rates for its low-mileage and high-mileage car repair plans. Uproar.car’s Good tier starts at $14.99/mo for low-mileage cars and $20.99/mo for high-mileage cars, and its Great tier starts at $29.99/mo regardless of mileage.

4. Uproar.car gives you cash back for car maintenance 

Uproar.car customers get $5 per month to spend on car maintenance. With this money, you can spend less now on regular maintenance to help prevent expensive repairs later.

5. Uproar.car provides additional everyday discounts

Alongside its comprehensive car repairs coverage, Uproar.car provides everyday discounts on shopping, travel, and restaurants. With Uproar.car, you can save money on your car repairs and your everyday life.

6. Uproar.car’s claims process is app-based

The claims process so often means frustrating days or weeks of your car sitting in the shop untouched. Worse yet, when these delays happen, you might not even know about them. That’s why Uproar.car’s fully transparent claims process is entirely app-based. Right from your phone, you can get near-instant claim approval and see real-time updates on your repair status.

7. Uproar.car offers a signup bonus

Car owners who sign up for Uproar.car before the end of the month get their first month free plus 20% off their lifetime subscription. Plus, if you’re dissatisfied with Uproar.car down the line, your month-to-month contract comes with no cancelation fees.

How to get started

Just head to Uproar.car’s website now to sign up for your free customized quote based on your car’s specifications and needs. And for a limited-time only, Uproar.car is offering our readers their first month free PLUS 20% off their lifetime subscription. With Uproar.car, you’ll never have to make sense of confusing, expensive car repair plans again!

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