Car Repair Plans Feel More Frustrating Than Helpful. Here’s How Uproar.Car Is Changing That.

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For the longest time, I found car warranties and repair plans so frustrating. Not only were they super expensive, but salespeople would constantly hound me to sign up. Getting started wasn’t easy either, and the plans themselves always confused me: What did I really sign up for? Why was I paying this much? And if I needed repairs, just how much would I pay out of pocket?

All these worries disappeared when I switched to’s Vehicle Repair Protection program. Here’s why is solving all my car repair problems.

1. I’m saving so much money vehicle repair plans cost one-third of similar plans. That’s because doesn’t involve middlemen or pay sales commissions that artificially inflate prices. It only sells directly to customers online, and it passes its cost savings to me as less expensive plans.

I’m also saving through since my plan comes with thousands of everyday discounts on shopping, eating, traveling, and more. says its average vehicle repair customer saves $1,760 through these discounts each year!

2. I know what I’m getting

When I signed up for, I had no trouble seeing what I’d get. publishes all its prices online so I know there are no salesperson markups. And alongside these prices come full details of my coverage! With all this transparency, I know exactly what I’m getting with

3. I’m not dealing with aggressive sales tactics has brought me both financial and everyday relief. I’m no longer getting those daily salesperson calls or any of that “choose your repair plan NOW” nonsense. With, I made my decision all by myself, at my own pace, with nobody hassling me.

4. I have no long-term contracts

I’ll never ditch, but it would be easy if I did. Unlike other plans, is month-to-month, with no cancelation penalties. That means no frustrating calls with reps who try to get me to stay on – what a relief!

5. I’m filing claims hassle-free

It’s beyond frustrating to have your car in the shop as you wait forever for third parties to sign off on repairs. Not a problem with I can start claims from my mobile app and get real-time updates at every step. So far, all my claims have been instantly approved, and I’m back on the road almost right away!

6. I get cash back for car maintenance

Through’s CarCash program, I can handle car issues before they truly become problems. I get $5 in CarCash per month to spend on car maintenance, and not only that, but will soon introduce a repair network with built-in discounts. Even with this network in place, though, I can get repairs anywhere. 

7. I can go to any repair shop

Whereas my old car plans limited my repair shop choices, has no such limits. I can get repairs anywhere I want, so with, I’m always in the driver’s seat – even when I can’t literally access my car.

I can’t recommend enough, and if you’re interested too, you can get your quote in just seconds and sign up in minutes, no salespeople needed. And if you sign up now, is giving the first month free plus 20% off your lifetime subscription. But hurry – this deal only lasts through the end of the month! Just click here to get started.

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